How a moving company can help your expansion

by Josh Biggs in Business on 7th March 2019

Whether you’re moving to a new, larger space or simply expanding the one that you already have, it’s possible that a moving company is your best option. Expanding is always an exciting process, and any moving company would love to be a part of it. Let’s look at some of the many ways a moving company can help you as your business grows into something new.

Bringing in Equipment

You’ve purchased a gorgeous new piece of equipment, but now what? You don’t have any way to haul it, and the seller doesn’t offer delivery. Are your dreams in ruins? No! Enter the moving company. They can transport anything. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and they’re about to be your new heroes. A quick equipment move is usually very budget-friendly, especially if the company can pack other orders in with your own.

The delivery date may depend on how far the equipment is from your business’s front door, but it’s very likely that it will be faster than you expect. Most moving companies will also move your equipment into the perfect spot for you, which means no trying to unload the piece yourself.

Taking Away Old Equipment

rusting old equipmentAnd while the moving company is already there, you can have them take old equipment to a new destination, too. Perhaps you’ve purchased a new X-ray machine and you’re donating the old one to a local medical school. Perfect. The moving company can deliver your new one, load up the old one, and deliver it to the new owners for one flat fee. This saves everyone involved time and effort, and allows the moving company to do what they do best-help you with a move.

Some equipment may not be valid for transport in certain states. Before planning this with the new owners, check local laws and moving companies.

Moving Out (and Up)

Moving companies move people. It’s in their name! If you’re planning on a corporate move, it may be in your best interest to hire a moving company rather than trying to transport the equipment yourself. Moving companies are equipped with a wide variety of tools to help them make your move simpler, faster, and safer. If you are expanding your business to a larger location, a moving company can have you packed up and ready to go in no time.

Relocation of Heavy Objects

If you aren’t moving the office but simply expanding it at its current location, there’s no doubt that you’re doing some renovations at the same time. That means that there will inevitably be something incredibly large, bulky, heavy, or all of the three. How can you move this giant piece of machinery or furniture? Your best bet is to contact a moving company. Most of them are willing to do on-site moves for companies that are growing or transforming into something new. This means that you need not pull the item apart to move it. Instead, you can simply have it shifted across the lobby or wherever else you prefer it to be placed with the help of your moving team.

Other Possible Assistance

Moving within a building may seem like a snap, but even an elevator trip gets tiresome on round 32. In-building and on-site movers help those that are simply changing locations within the same business area or office development. This can mean that you’re moving to a suite three doors down or that you’re moving to another floor. These movers will pack and unpack your belongings as you see fit, easily shifting your entire office in a day or two.


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