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How Business Can Benefit From Video To Increase Customer Engagement And Sales

by Josh Biggs in Business on 8th October 2018

Most of the businesses are benefit from the sales, Nowadays companies are marketing their products through video marketing. This is the trend in the market and there are many websites are available to create a video on the product and the sites also provide to edit the videos by using a tool called online video editor. In the sites, there are many kinds of templates are available to market the products. The businesses online pages are preferring videos on their landing pages. The videos are in landing pages are developing conversions around 80%.

The video marketing gains more leads to the business because the video marketing can increase a huge trust in the audience. If the audience sees the video they feel that a connection is there with the product, because the videos are like to explaining about the product to the individual. The videos are creating humanize to the brand, which is helpful to reach the consumers. The video marketing develops sales and establishes consumer services. The video marketing can get the more RIO compared with other marketing strategies. So most of the companies are preferring video marketing for their businesses, people are using smartphones and other gadgets. It is easy to publish in many channels and get more views.

How a business can benefit from video marketing

The business can benefit in many ways with video marketing, the marketer should know about the audience pulse and design the video according to them. The video may be related to the product or service marketer main aim is to get engage the audience with the brand. If anybody can see the video audience can tell about the brand. It can help to create brand awareness through the web. The video marketing has the power to create consumers engagement and also increase the sales. There are many kinds of websites are there in the market to develop the video and it also has some tools to edit the videos according to the product.

How to engage the customer engagement and sales through video marketing

Design a brand foundation story

If the product is good, but the marketer unable to reach their expected results without providing the proper information to the consumers a reason to select their brand. In the market, there is another trending thing that storytelling. The storytelling concept is the old concept and the trending concept is online video channels. There are a few queries to ask marketer to get creative thoughts, they are as follows

  • What was the business person state of think when they initially got the thought for their business?
  • What was the issue was the marketer to rectify when they initial idea of their business?
  • Who supported the marketer in changing their ideas within an original business?
  • How do the marketer think about the business is varied than different businesses in their niche?
  • What about their business has a straight accurate impression on society?

The aim with a trademark origin story is to teach their roots. It supports to establish an association that primes lead to conversion. Protect it up by a powerful call-to-action and placed it on a business website landing page.

  1. Create a YouTube channel

If the marketers are not using any kind of videos to advertise their business, the initial step is to create a YouTube channel. Why create a YouTube channel, this is a good question and explained as below. Once the marketer adds videos to YouTube channel, this is simple to share with other platforms. Whether they are installing the video in their site or simply sending a link, here the YouTube channel supports it easy to reach this. As the marketer see quickly, they are going to share their videos across lots of various platforms. Uploading all content to YouTube initially will support to save the marketer time because the marketer won’t be required to make the similar video more than once. Creating the video have been a waste of time. That is the reason why this should be the initial place where the marketer begin. The marketer no need to do intimidate. They won’t have a number of videos at a time, the marketer should focus on one quality video at a time. In the starting stage, no one will get thousands of subscribers in a day, it will take time to get followers as well as subscribers. Another interesting thing is that YouTube will come in second place when compared with the other social channels. The remaining channels also have video content, and the YouTube is greatly successful. The YouTube channel will show, how grateful the video content is in words of what the audience needs to consume.

  1. Share videos in other social media channels

If the marketers are not using videos to advertising their business, they might be active in other social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook etc., The marketer should use it for their complete potential. The marketers should post on their social media every day. By doing this, it will keep the brand fresh in the audience mind. There are many companies are not active in social media, they don’t have any idea about what to share about the business. It is good if the marketers are adding fresh videos to their YouTube channel or in their social media have their personal software to develop and share video content, simply focus on receiving all their YouTube videos with their social profiles like Twitter and Facebook. That is the good place to begin. The marketers should look into the videos how it will be trending on social media from the last couple of years.

  1. Add a number of videos to the webpage

What is the initial look if the individual see when they browse the website?

If anybody sees the website, the users are feeling bored to read the text, the marketer should not have the much time to give an explanation about the business operates. Majority of the people are not willing to read it nowadays. Rather, analyze the color schemes and design. Replace it with a video. There are many marketers are using different kinds of videos to explain their products. Majority of the people don’t see how less text they use to add to the web page. This thing never confuses anybody. Rather, the audience gets rendered to each video. When the audience clicks on the link, it will play a video from the YouTube channel. It is more useful than analyzing to describe grow their products serve in long.

  1. Let live at Facebook

Most of the audiences are loving the business when the business is doing their promotional activities on Facebook live. This is the one of a great way to engage the audience with the marketer Facebook followers. But here is a science behind it, the marketer no need to simply go on live randomly for no reason. Rather the marketer should schedule their live programs to operate at a time weekly once. That is the way, the marketer can stay establishing a consistent audience. The marketer should have an idea about their audience favorite TV show. The marketer should give an add on the same day every week. If the marketer simply evolved on sporadically, it’s unbelievable they would be capable to incur every scene. That is the type of following they are trying to generate here with their live videos. It is simply like a business people website, Facebook live is the best way for the business to promote their products or do a presentation. Nowadays Facebook is one of the most famous live video marketing platforms. The audience interaction is one of the major parts in the Facebook live. The audience has an opportunity to comment on their live stream. It is exactly necessary that the business is the answer to those comments. The audience interaction will help to develop a great bond with their consumers. The audience engagement will show how much they care.  The business people can call the audience when they are in live, and convey thanks to them for watching the video. Mention a cause to the audience to tune for the next week, stay live for a long duration. The Facebook social media allows the marketer to have a stream, which serves for up to 4 hours. The marketer no needs to utilize 4 hours, but as per the experts, the suggestion goes for the live at least 2 hours. If the marketer utilizes the much time to spend live on Facebook, the video will get the chance to watch more people look at it. Long length videos mean the marketer no need to prepare anything. Before coming to the live the marketer should refer a few topics about the business like products, services, topics etc., planning to talk with the audience.

  1. Utilize Instagram stories

The business people or marketer should post any kind of related pictures or videos to their Instagram story. The Instagram stories are expired after 24 hours. The marketer feels free to publish many videos every day to maintain their brand new in the consumer’s mind. The uploaded things will display at the top of the audience homepage. Anybody who will follow the marketer to see them have a story published that day. To see it, all they required to do click on their image, the uploaded video will play through. Famous stories will also give up on the web page for an audience who doesn’t follow the marketer. This is the good way to develop the brand awareness. Another important thing is Instagram also has a feature called live video. The marketer no need to address this the way the marketer do for Facebook videos. Rather, the audience live Instagram when they are somewhere. The marketer gives their followers a trip around their composition tools. Which will help the audience to build an exclusive feeling for everybody following? Now the audience has the path to a few things, which would usually be retained after shut doors. It is simple to do. Simply pull the marketer phone out of their pocket and began recording. It is like on Facebook live, the marketer surely needs to respond to the live audience comments.

  1. Encourage the audience to make their self-videos

The marketer should remember, they no need to produce the videos by their self. The marketer should try to get their consumers should be involved. The marketer will achieve something in this way. They will receive free videos, and it doesn’t take any of their time. It will improve the consumer experience. They will get much brand awareness if their consumers share their videos. See for a few sites. how they are encouraging their consumers to share videos. The consumers are posting the good videos on their sites and also give rewards or awards to the video creators of their popular submissions. This plays a vital role that, consumer recognition for their performance is a good path to receive audience on board. Another important thing is that the audience is especially creative. The marketer may find out their video content is more best than theirs. Put a contest or a few other related promotion activities that get their consumers to break out their cams and begun filming.

  1. Email videos to the followers or subscribers

The marketer should know, the videos are useful for their YouTube channel or other social media platforms? Here is a chance to share those videos with their consumers. Look to their email followers or subscription list. Those kinds of the audience may not be following their social media, so it is not sure they will watch their live streams or different shared videos. But they have access to their inboxes. The embedded YouTube videos with their email marketing campaigns. As per the statistics, they can see that emails with video content. Develop their CTR, develop leads, conversion rates, decrease unsubscribes. So, it is a no-brainer to exercise this plan, especially from the marketer doesn’t have to come up with brand fresh videos for every email. Simply use the old ones from their social media YouTube channel.

  1. Obtain every video as mobile friendly

The marketer should maintain every video as a mobile friendly. Because most of the audiences are using smartphones. So, if the marketer makes the video to run in any device is most important. The social channels like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are mobile friendly. So, it is the simple way to share the video content. The videos are also optimized in a simple way. The marketer should know how the videos are consumed on mobile devices. The mobile videos are trending nowadays. Simply make sure all videos included on their emails and website are using templates which are mobile friendly. If the marketer videos are not loading and unable to view on mobiles or other gadgets, they will surely defeat the cause of publishing them in the initial place.


Hopefully, the above all are the most simple and exact way to get more engagement and sales for the business. The business people should start to create many videos related to their business. The first step is to create a social media YouTube channel and ass more videos. The marketer will be able to share those videos on other social media platforms like website, email campaigns and social media pages. Another thing is that sharing recorded videos, take advantage of live video streams. The marketer should use Facebook and Instagram for this. This is the best way to engage with their audience since they can respond to their comments in real time. A different path to develop more video content is by getting other audience to it for them. The business people should come up with creative thoughts to get the consumers to submit videos. They can share those videos on the business website as well. There is no subject what type of videos they are making, simply make sure the videos are optimizing for mobile. It develops the brand awareness. It is the easy way to describe the goods and services of the business it will easily boost their sales.













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