How can technology help to Improve Field Work Productivity

by Josh Biggs in Software on 20th October 2021

“How to increase workplace productivity?”

The question that has been eating the minds of millions of people for a long time. Whatever industry you are in, there is always going to be a workload. This is one of the many reasons most employees and organizations lack productivity. The success or failure of a company majorly depends on the employees of the company and how productive they can be. 

There are quite a few things that can affect the productivity of your employees. Especially, if your employees work mostly in the field. There could be a lot of things that could decrease work productivity. That could be an angry customer or missing an important and essential document. On top of all these deviations, the employees have to spend extra time taking care of the paperwork. Not only that, the employer must wait for the response from other technicians and their superiors when they face any issue on the site. That itself eats us a lot of time. A lot of such things pile up and increase the workload on the employees and resulting in the decline of productivity.

When it comes to increasing the productivity of your employees, there is no one size fits all here. Each team is different, thus has different needs and issues. A tailored plan should be designed specifically for each one of them. When it comes to employees on the field, since their work is away from the office, it would be very difficult to monitor their work manually. As their work is on the field, they can’t look around the room and find a colleague that could help them. Worry not! technology has got your back here. Now with mobile forms, the work of on-field employees has become much easier. Pronto forms is the leading platform offering this service and has proven its worth by helping employees in increasing their work productivity.

Let’s have a look at how technology can help us improve work productivity in the field.

Time management

We are all aware of the saying that runs the business world, “Time is Money”. It indeed is. Every minute the employees spend on the field accounts for the growth of your business. So we know that we can’t spare any time on things that could lead to the decline of productivity. When the employees are working in the field, they could encounter many unique challenges that could eat up a lot of their time. So there is a need for a proper platform that could help your employees manage their time effectively. The mobile forms platform, like pronto, could make things easier for the employees by delivering them the information they need from the data which is already stored in the cloud. This way they could say goodbye to the hefty and time-consuming things they would otherwise have to do, like going through hundreds of documents, just to find the one they need.

Increase the response time of the team

With all the obstacles that come in the way of work, the last thing we need is delayed information regarding the work. With this mobile forms feature, the managers could easily dispense information to their employees regarding the time and place of work and more work details. With this app, the managers can see which of the teams are available and closest to the location. This could come in handy when you are assigning work to the teams. If the team you have assigned a particular location is currently working in a location far from the assigned location, it would waste a lot of their time while travelling from one location to the next. With this feature of the app, you could find out which team is closer to the location and assign the work to that team, which saves a lot of time. They can also see the information regarding the forms, like who filled the forms where they filled them and when they filled and uploaded it. This way they can keep track of the work.

Real-time data from field

As a project manager, you will have to be updated about the work that is going on in the field. That would help in the growth of the business and the successful completion of the project. You could make that happen with this mobile forms application through real-time data. Even for employees, collecting data from the field and updating it to the superiors could be a hefty task and take up a lot of their time. This app allows the employees to copy the tasks and create them depending on what is found in the field. The managers can access the details of the employees assigned to a particular project and the resources needed for the project. If you are the business owner you can also review the status of the project and check the forms and photos the employees have uploaded.


What is the most important anything would worry about? Most would say the security of their organisations. That is obviously true. This software will increase your business’ security. You could upload the information regarding the project, all the forms, photos, audios to the app. And all of this data will be uploaded to the cloud, only the employees and the people who has access to the cloud can access it. With this by your side, you don’t have to worry about any data breach or stolen data issues. With this, you could be ensured that all data pertaining to your projects and business is safe. So, now you can stop bothering about the security issues and put your concentration on other things that need your attention.

Wrapping Up

If something can help your business to grow and can increase your work productivity and it only has benefits to offer you, why would you say no to it? Technology has something to offer to you and your business, utilise it. This mobile forms app can help your employees to effectively communicate among themselves and the superiors and also allows the superiors to monitor and review the ongoing projects. We all know the depth of losses a minor miscommunication could lead to. With mobile forms, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Real-time data, security, cloud storage, security, automated calculations, what not! These forms have a lot to offer you. Check out and utilise the benefits the technology is offering you.

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