How Etsy Shop Owners Create Steady Income

by Josh Biggs in Business on 22nd April 2023

Approximately over 8 Million Etsy sellers are on the platform, which is a rather daunting statistic when you think about being one of them and trying to make a steady income. 

However, as with many things, a challenging situation does not mean impossible. It will be a lot of hard work, but you could increase your chances of success with the right plan and implementing it correctly. 

So keep reading for tips to help you create a steady income as an Etsy seller. 

Stick with a niche

The more specific your niche is, the better. Focusing on the direction of your products allows buyers to know where to go when they need a particular item. For example, if you are selling vintage-inspired t-shirts that you made from blanks, like the Bella + Canvas v-neck t-shirt wholesale options. 

There are an incredible number of items listed on Etsy every day, so the more focused you can make your inventory, and the more you cater to a specific interest, the better. 

Follow Etsy’s rules

You can only make a steady income on Etsy if you can use the site. However, if your account got temporarily or permanently suspended due to not abiding by Etsy’s rules is one of the most destructive things you can do. 

Make sure to read through the most recent Seller Policy, especially about what you can and cannot sell on the site, to know how to conduct business appropriately. Refrain from doing something on the site that is not allowed just because you think you will not get caught among all the other sellers. Etsy regularly reviews sellers and posts to ensure the abidance of rules. 

In addition, buyers could report issues to Etsy to check particular sellers. Should you have any questions or need clarification, contact an Etsy customer service representative so they can provide you with clear, correct answers. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with new products

You may think everyone has done everything before, but that is untrue. The Etsy website is a perfect space for you to put products not already on the market, which only stem from your ideas and the result of your creativity. 

If you have a fantastic idea for a product that still needs to be added to the market in the way you want to do it, consider creating it and experimenting by putting it in your Etsy shop to see how sales perform.

In addition, you can ask your buyers if they have requests for items that are currently unavailable and possible for you to create.

Update your products

You can only sell items if you have them listed in your shop. Therefore, creating a steady income stream on Etsy typically involves frequently listing new products. Not only does this draw in new customers, but it may generate return customers and sales. Try to list new items daily or at least on weekdays.  

Post great product descriptions and photos

Product descriptions and photos can play a big part in your sales. The information you provide should be clear, concise, and as easy to read as possible (which often involves bullet points). 

Include details like the material and weight, your return policy, how to care for the product you are selling, and any other specifics that apply. In addition, use persuasive language to make readers feel they need and want the items. 

Add several photos of the product from every angle, including the front, sides, and back. Take the pictures in good lighting so all the items look their best. In addition, be mindful of the item’s surroundings and the background when taking a photo.

Build a quality email list

Establishing an email list can be a great way to keep visitors to your Etsy store informed of what products you are selling and what is upcoming. Creating a list of subscribers is a simple method of letting them know when new items are ready to purchase. In contrast, send notifications via social media to let your audience know about the new products in your shop. 

Stay true to high-quality items

Many Etsy sellers pride themselves on getting positive reviews, often from selling high-quality items. Every product in your store should be of the highest quality, and before it leaves your hands, recheck its condition to ensure. 

If it is subpar, customers will avoid purchasing an item from you again, especially to give as a gift. In addition, they may leave a negative review, which could deter other potential customers from purchasing. 

Prioritize communication skills

Customers like shopping where their business is appreciated, so if you want a steady income stream on Etsy, properly communicate if shoppers reach out with questions or comments. It may seem not easy at times, but kindness and professionalism are all part of being a business owner. 

It can be a good idea to post how long it typically takes you to reply to messages and when you do so. 

For example, if you usually reply between 9 am 5 pm, put that in your profile and/or directly in each product description, so customers know when to expect to hear from you. 

Learn from other Etsy sellers

One of the best ways to create a steady income on Etsy is by learning what other successful sellers did to do the same. Spend time in the community, ask questions, and read through posts. It can be a significant learning experience that can help you figure out what to do with your shop and how to increase your sales. 

Consider asking others to look at your shop’s layout and some of your product listings to provide honest feedback you can use to your benefit. They can look at things from a neutral perspective–from a seller and potential customer viewpoint–and provide you with valuable insight.

A lot goes into having an Etsy shop, especially when you are first starting out and during busy buying seasons. Putting the time and energy into finding what works and what does not could help lead to steady income on the website. 

Starting with small steps, such as asking for advice, can help get you on the right track and on your way to success.

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