How NFC Technology Can Benefit Your Business

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 14th December 2020

NFC technology is a feature available in most newer smartphones. It stands for near field communication, a specific type of technology that offers all kinds of benefits and is set to become popular in the near future because of this. 

Its main purpose is to make using smartphones as easy and intuitive as possible, and it allows you to use it for some specific purposes. It allows two devices in close vicinity of each other to send and receive data directly. It’s similar to Bluetooth, but far more efficient and much faster.  Keep reading and we’ll explain everything you need to know about NFC and how it can help you improve your business.

What Is NFC Used For?

NFC technology can be used in a few different fields.

1. Card Emulation – Devices with NFC can act like smart proximity cards for various data transactions, as well as payments and ticketing.

2. Reading out information: NFC devices read information stored at RFID tags, embedded in labels and smart posters.

3. Peer-to-peer connectivity – Multiple devices with an NFC chip can connect with each other and transfer any type of data very quickly. 

NFC technologies are still not present on most platforms, but some applications allow direct NFC payments. Google Wallet and Apple Pay both allow you to make payments from your phone. The technology is still unavailable for iOS devices and it’s most used by Android apps. But how does NFC technology help with running a business?

Business Benefits of Using NFC Technology

NFC technology has a commercial use that is surely going to see new features in the near future. It’s still a new technology that has so much more to offer, including various business applications. Here’s a list of business applications that already use this technology:

1. Smart Tags – You can find a few different programmable tags that tallow pairing with NFC-enabled smartphones on the market. The best example is Sony’s Smart Tags. You can easily program them to instruct your phone to do anything you want. That includes actions like muting sound, turning your alarm on and off, playing music, and disconnecting from WiFi networks.

2. Embedded Advertising – NFC tags can also be used for marketing purposes. You can embed tags into any poster, and when a user approaches with their phone, a preview video starts automatically. These tags can also be added to clothing labels to load their website when scanned. 

3. Secure Entry – Hotels all over the world have been experimenting with NFC for years. It can be used to load your phone with the information needed to access rooms and certain hotel areas without a keycard. You just have to hold your phone close to the doors and they will open. 

4. Workforce Management – NFC-enabled phones with tags can be tracked at all times. The technology allows full tracing security patrols on websites with set-up tags. 

5. Payments and Loyalty Points – NFC technology makes it possible to operate prepaid travel ticket systems. As the years go by, mobile wallets are becoming more and more popular, which led to the development of applications such as Apple Pay, EE Cash on Tap, PayTag, and many others. The technology also allows collecting and spending loyalty points, but this application of NFC is still in the testing phase.

6. IoT and Maintenance – As most devices around us become “smart,” NFC technology allows you to communicate with each one of them directly. You can use your phone to track how your smart devices work, and keep a detailed log of all actions and activities.

How NFC Technology Creates Business Opportunities 

NFC applications are still in development, but the entire practice is still fairly untapped. With the right idea and some effort, you could use this technology to create innovations that could make you a lot of money. However, your success depends on a few different factors, including:

  • Ease of use – your application must be very easy to navigate and simple to learn so as to avoid frustrating users, making them abandon using it altogether. It also has to provide benefits people will find very useful.
  • Works in all weather conditions – NFC technology can work even if it’s below freezing, raining, snowing, or very hot without any problems.
  • The social factor – You can use the technology to transfer data from one device to another, share information with friends, and play games together. The social factor is perhaps the most important detail that will surely lead to popular future solutions.

The Bottom Line

Even though NFC technologies are still new and there are not many NFC apps on the market, we are sure that there will be many new apps based on it in the near future. Businesses from all over the globe will soon implement this technology in their marketing campaigns. In a few years, it will be the go-to solution for many practices that are too complicated at the moment.

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