How to Become a Blockchain Developer?

by Josh Biggs in Blockchain on 25th March 2021

Blockchain is the catalyst that is slowly invading the digital world and takes control of how to handle data for carrying out business successfully. If you wonder how to become a blockchain developer, then you must know it is complicated indeed. However, don’t feel intimidated as it is not rocket science and always possible to learn blockchain development and shape up a bright career for you in the right direction. 

Without taking more time, let us, deep-dive, into blockchain technology and understand how one can become a blockchain developer. 

What is a blockchain?

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This term on prima facia is a very simple chain of blocks is called a blockchain. Block here means a book that records the bitcoin transactions. It is nothing but a timestamped set of absolute collection of data called blocks that are managed by computers without a single entity owning it. The cryptographic principle helps in connecting these blocks forming a chain. A blockchain transaction is free of cost and is automated as well as safe. Every block is verified before adding to the chain. 

How to understand blockchain software development better 

Blockchain development resembles web development. However, it requires additional skills to work in this area when compared to developing a web. Blockchain developers must understand the right way to develop web apps. Every blockchain software developer must start with web development. 

There are 2 types of blockchain developers namely blockchain software and core blockchain developers. To become a core developer you need to understand the architecture of the blockchain system. Consensus protocol design and oversee the network as the security of the blockchain network is owned by the core developer. 

On the other hand, to become a software developer in a blockchain there are few skills required which are listed in the next section, and additionally taking up software engineering training in   “ blockchain” to become a professional blockchain software developer.  A blockchain software developer develops smart contracts, then develops the interactive designs for the front followed by backend development, and finally supervises the entire stack. 

What skills are required to learn blockchain Development

  1. Basic understanding of the software development 

If you are already working in software development then you will be aware of the development life cycle and a few of the programming languages, you can enhance your skills by doing software development courses online to transform yourself in a better way. Likewise, you need to have a hacker mindset which means doing things that are not usual but think out of the box. With these basics, it is quick to learn few other technologies important to develop blockchain web apps. If you are new to programming, then you must have strong problem-solving skills which will help you learn any language quickly. 

  1. Programming languages 

You need to know coding in any one of the languages namely C++, Go, C#, Javascript, etc. Since the code is open to view for anyone you must know how to secure your data. Start coding by creating the block, give a number to each block, timestamp it and start creating the blockchain. Thus you need to have programming skills to start as a blockchain developer. 

  1. Data structures 

Working with data structure is part of every blockchain developer and you must know algorithms as well. Building network, implementing them is the basics of blockchain. 

  1. Cryptography 

First, you must understand how to protect data from hackers for which you need to learn cryptography which is all about protocol study. Begin with public-key cryptography, as before anyone starts making any cryptocurrency transaction a wallet must be created with a key. After this know-how to hash in cryptography. 

  1. Smart contracts 

Learning smart contracts is vital because it allows the exchange of services or goods without taking help from anyone in the middle. This means both parties can communicate directly which is helpful in data privacy. Begin with languages like Viper or chaincode to understand smart contract development better. 

With these basic skills, you can understand blockchain architecture that will enable you to start developing blockchain. The different blockchain architecture you will come across will include public, private, and consortium 

Qualities of the best online software development course

Having a basic idea about what is required to become a blockchain developer you must be aware of the qualities of the right blockchain course providers. There are many players in the market. You must check for the below-mentioned criteria to become a professional blockchain developer. 

  • If the course offers a basic education on Python, SQL, Data structures, and cloud foundations
  • Insight about Software and database design 
  • Introduction to IoT, networking, data sources, IoT on the cloud, big data processing, and analytics
  • Cloud architecture,  microservices, containers, and DevOps
  • Blockchain basics with use case and principles. Data, blocks, and hash. Types of blockchain with examples. How to address transactions and consensus. Smart contracts. 
  • Ethereum blockchain development – How to create blocks, adding hash functions, and how to create smart contracts 

After looking at these areas from a training curriculum, check if they offer any career opportunities. Then see if you can work on projects which will provide you with practical knowledge. 


With this basic idea about how to become a blockchain developer, you must now pull up your socks to brush your skills, tune your mindset and register for a course and walk through the process to make you a professional blockchain software developer

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