How to Become a Professional Content Writer in 2023

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 1st March 2021

Do you want to become an expert content writer in 2023? With the right tools, resources, and guidelines, there is nothing in the world stopping you from achieving your dreams! Content writing was already a lucrative career option since the advent of the internet.

However, with a global pandemic raging on, the content marketing writing industry has seen rapid growth with online content getting more and more visitors. Brush your writing skills and you can have a decent income right from the comfort of your sofa!

We live in a technological world, full of resources, tools, and gadgets. Why not use some of them to help you with your writing skills?

Here are a few online tools and resources that will help you become a better content writer in 2021 and land plenty of writing jobs!

1. PapersOwl

PapersOwl is a great place for aspiring writers. It is not only an essay-writing service but provides various other useful tools as well. From plagiarism checkers to citation generators and paraphrasing tools, PapersOwl has various resources for budding writers.

We all know that the best way of learning how to write is through reading. Go through the writing samples of various research papers and articles given on the website. See each research paper to check how the professional writers have created the artistic content.

2. Readable

Do you use a lot of technical words? Is your vocabulary full of complex words? As a freelance writer, you need to make your content reader-friendly. If someone can’t understand your writing, they will lose interest and stop reading.

You don’t want that, right? Therefore, to make sure that your language and text are not very difficult, you have to measure its readability score. Readable is a tool that tells you the readability of the content that you created.

By keeping sentences short, using active voice, transition words, etc. you can ensure that your content is reader-friendly! There are plenty of freelance writing jobs and you can get them only when your writing skills improve!

3. Grammarly

Whether you are a newbie or a professional writer, you are likely to make mistakes while writing. From major grammatical blunders to small punctuation errors, you will make plenty of errors as you write.

A good writer is not the one who doesn’t make mistakes. Rather, a good writer is the one who accepts the mistakes and rectifies them. You can easily get rid of such errors in your content with the help of Grammarly.

Grammarly has paid as well as a free version. The free version is perfect for avoiding spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. The paid version comes with more perks such as plagiarism check, voice and tone check, etc.

4. Creddle

The most important thing that you need as a content writer is a perfect technical resume. For creating an effective content writing resume, you need a template that will help you list your skills, experience, etc. in a perfect way.

At Creddle, you will find a variety of templates that you can use to create your effective content writing resume which will catch the eye of potential clients. Post your resume across various freelance writing job boards to land a good job.

5. Hemingway

Hemmingway is a great online editing tool that is highly-popular amongst bloggers and writers. It is a very convenient content editing system. It is similar to a spell checker but focuses on the style of the writing.

Instead of struggling to compose complex prose, it helps the writers focus on the message that they want to convey. The tool highlights phrases and sentences which are complex and eliminates excessive adverbs.

Moreover, it turns the passive voice structures into active voice. With this tool, you can make your writing clear, concise, and to-the-point.

Improving Your Writing Skills

Want to learn how to become a professional content writer in 2021? Read the tips mentioned below to improve your writing!

·  Start Writing Every day

A big mistake that most writers make is not writing every day. It doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie or whether you have a couple of years under your belt – you need to write every day.

To become an excellent content writer, one that creates excellent articles, you have to write every day! You don’t have to write thousands of words – even 300 words would be enough to brush up your writing skills.

·  Create a Secret Blog for Yourself

Once you start freelance writing around 300 words, you should create a blog of your own. However, don’t make the mistake of creating a blog first. This will be a huge mistake as you will start to focus on how to make the blog more attractive instead of focusing on increasing the quality of their work.

Don’t make a professional blog – create a secret one for yourself. Let it be boring, let it be messy – don’t add images, keep posting anything that you write. It will be a place for you to improve your writing skills.

It would be better if you chose a particular topic and then wrote a couple of hundred words on it. Try a different new writing niche each day. For example, if you wrote about technology today, try writing about the lifestyle the next day.

This will help you grow as a flexible writer.

·  Build Your Portfolio

When you will keep writing on different niches, you will build your portfolio slowly and steadily. It will take some time and effort, but you will get your hands on a professional portfolio by the end of the day.

Even if you don’t have professional writing experience, you will be able to show this portfolio to clients in the future and it will help you land a good job.

Become a Professional Writer in 2021 – Final Word

Not everyone is born with great talent. To become good at something, you have to learn new things, practice your heart out, and use all the available resources. Keep working and you will see great results by the end of the day.

Use the tools and resources that we have mentioned above to polish off your writing skills. Moreover, go through the writing tips that we have mentioned and they will definitely help you become a better content writer!

Here’s to your successful writing career!

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