How to Choose PSP Emulator

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 7th July 2021

At a time when computers were not widely available, the term “video game” was associated exclusively with consoles. In the 90s, there was a real boom in the PlayStation, but then the personal computer came into series and became affordable for the average consumer. Very soon (in 1999) emulators appeared, with which Sony successfully fought – one project was terminated due to legal proceedings with, and the other was bought out and closed by the Japanese.

But the idea of ​​bringing old games back to life on modern devices has not faded away, and today the Android emulator PSP is already widely used.

Briefly about PSP emulator

 This is a utility that emulates an image of a PlayStation portable console on an Android device. The code and data translated from C++ into an understandable Android language and necessary for the emulator to work are contained in the image files of the contents of the game cartridge or disc. As a result, a software environment is created in the operating system of the gadget, in which retrogaming is possible – the launch of games once created for the PSP.

Game console emulators can be used to localize games (translate), create custom demos, programs and game applications for old systems that are already practically released into circulation. Products may vary in reproducibility, device requirements, or even complexity in customization. back to table of contents

Best offers for PSP

 The quality of emulation of set-top boxes on Android strongly depends on the characteristics of the devices on which the emulator is used, as well as the software implementation of such utilities. For the PlayStation, the most workable programs have been created – about a dozen, for sure, in the range of only Google Play. If we seriously consider the PSP Android emulator, we can distinguish three more or less products that cope with the assigned tasks.

Emulator for Super PSP

This is a relatively new offer (appeared in early 2017), which is not yet available in the Google store, but the utility can be downloaded for free via 9Apps. As the developer frankly admits, the emulator is based on another one (PPSSPP), which will be discussed below. The application allows you to run an unlimited number of games made for your portable Sony. The operating speed is the same as on the original console. In addition, one cannot but appreciate its other advantages of PSP emulator:

  • high quality of displaying graphics;
  • excellent sound;
  • no freezes and distortions;
  • ease of work with network games;
  • saving and loading game parameters;
  • support for PSP-1000 / PSP-2000 / PSP-3000, external memory cards and many custom configurations.

The utility provides better compatibility with the Android 4.0 and higher operating system and shows itself well on any gadget model. There are no built-in games here, as well as the Russian language, but the low weight (19 MB) and weak “gluttony” make the program a priority when choosing. back to contents PPSSPP emulator This emulator has already shown its effectiveness, and it is multiplatform, that is, it can be used both on Android and on PCs under other operating systems.

Google Play has two versions – a free one and a Pro for just over $ 6, which is said to now support the Galaxy S7. It is enough to load the image of the game onto the SD-card and open it in the program. Graphics playback is distinguished by Full HD-resolution, the ability to transfer games with PSP saves and the use of scaling (upscaling) of textures. The number of available settings is impressive.

These are:

  • rendering;
  • buffering;
  • skipping frames;
  • post-processing;
  • performance with setting screen resolution, mipmapping, hardware transform, scaling, and software fill. 

Here you can use external controllers and keyboards, save and transfer data from the original set-top box. Supports Android 2.2 or later. back to content Rocket PSP Emulator This software product, according to the developers, was created solely for educational purposes and is based only on legal sources of information. Available for free on Google Play. Supports Android 2.3 and above. Russian language is also present. The emulator lives up to its name, thanks to its impressive graphics processing speed even on relatively old Android models.

The pluses include: fast, but very smooth playback. The gameplay practically does not differ from the work of a real PSP console:

  • high resolution and shader effects;
  • realistic sound;
  • support for SD memory cards;
  • the ability to play through the network;
  • flexible settings for user requirements.

The size of the installation file is 28 MB, which will not cause difficulties with installation on any, even the most loaded gadget. to the table of contents Installing the PSP emulator on a smartphone You can install any emulator on an Android phone in two ways, more precisely, from two types of sources: Downloading from the official store.

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