How to Choose the Right Software Development Company

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 20th July 2019

Do you have a product idea or a product that needs execution? What about the software? Do you have an in-house team or outsourcing? Still, in the planning stage only. It is hard to see a business without software backing it. 

Digitalization has changed the way businesses are conducted. Customers are only going to brands that provide high-quality user experience, companies are also not compromising on quality and are readily digitalizing their business process.

Developing a product is not easy, companies must take care of both technical and marketing details. Which can be exhausting, this is why companies approach software development companies to outsource the software development due to many reasons. 

Some of them could be due to lack of adequate skills to execute their product idea or their in-house team is already burdened with other projects, or they don’t want to compromise on quality and get the work done from experts. 

Whatever the reasons are when you’re outsourcing your software development to outside companies remember to choose a vendor who is trustworthy and reliable. It can be one of the hardest decisions for a company to face. The team you choose should understand your project and work with utmost dedication.

Choosing the wrong vendor can cost you both time and money. So, it is important to verify your software development vendor and choose a partner who can lead your project to success. 

Here are a few important steps that can help you in filtering vendor and choose the right one.


Technology Experts

When choosing a software development company remember to choose a company that works only on the technology that your company is working on. You would receive quotes from many companies, there will be companies that deal with multiple languages, avoid such companies. 

If they work on multiple languages means they deal with multiple projects, so choosing a company that only works on your technology can ensure that they’re solely focused on your project. The company which specializes in a particular knowledge will have an in-depth knowledge of the technology and you can be assured as you have placed your project in the hands of technological experts who will cater to your needs without compromising on quality.


Consider a few options

Reviewing and interviewing one company can take up a lot of time but you cannot be sure whether they fit your bill or not at the end. While only considering one option you may end up losing a better candidate. So, review multiple companies right from start. It provides you with an opportunity to compare them and will help you in picking the right one. You never know the right fit for the job until and unless you have seen their potential yourself. 


An agile software development company

Every business changes with time and constantly evolves itself. Software development companies are no different. But those changes should benefit your project. Choose an agile software development company. A company with an agile methodology will understand that co-operation between you and them will result in producing software that satisfies your needs. 

Now software development companies are using an agile development method to satisfy the client needs and improve their efficiency. They share the updates on the project regularly, meetings, talks etc are conducted regularly to understand clients requirements. Choose a team, who is co-operative and self-organizing and take your suggestions in improving the software and making it better. They should adhere to your requirements and don’t be afraid to put your opinions and thoughts on the table, likewise, don’t ignore their suggestion and opinions too.


Verify their portfolio and plans

A good company will know where their company is headed, they will have both short term and long terms goals. Verifying and discussing their plans for the future will provide with a better understanding of their company. See their portfolio and their past projects to understand their work ethics, whether they match with your company or not. Know their company vision, perspectives and where they see themselves in the coming years. 

A lot could be understood from these simple questions. See how they communicate, professionalism also says a lot about a company. Check whether they are up to date with the latest technologies and are using the latest management tools in the market like Trello to track the process of the project. A company who ticks all these boxes is worth trusty and take your project towards success.


Understanding Partner

Choose a partner who understands your product and company better. They should be easy to communicate and be dedicated to delivering the product within the deadline. They should understand your priorities, connect with your product and advise you in technical aspects. Choose a partner with whom you have great chemistry, it makes finishing the project even easier. 

When you find a partner who helps you in making your product better and happy in your success, you’re already on the road to success. See that your partner is as eager as you to finish your project. Find a partner who values time as much as you do and is in a constant process of developing and improving themselves. 


Similar sized company

Choosing a company similarly sized as yours has its benefits. One of those benefits is you would have the complete attention of them and you would be their top priority. Which ensures that your project will get the necessary attention from their team and it will be done within the deadline. 

Why a similar-sized company? You must be thinking. You 

see big companies handle many projects, so they may not give your project enough attention. If they’re a small company, you don’t know how experienced they’re to handle the project. At the end of the day, it’s your call, choose a company that you’re confident would do a great job.



Don’t filter companies based on their quotations. Just because they’re offering to work at low prices doesn’t mean they are good at what they do. Rejecting all the proposals at cheap prices is better. You’re investing so much money on this project, one small mistake can cost you both money and time. 

Don’t settle for the less, choose a company that comes within your budget but also maintains quality in the work. Going for a company with the cheapest service may cost you 3x times more money for damage control in future. In worst cases, you will have to restart your entire project. Verify about the company and other details along with price while reviewing.



Outsourcing allows you to seek expertise you need to develop your product. But choosing the right company can be daunting. If you’re are planning to outsource the software development then be sure to understand and verify the company, review their past work, meet the team and explain to them all the requirements for your project. 

If you’re happy with their work they may become part of your future endeavours. Remember to choose a team with experts who are best at what they do and complete your project within the deadline. If you find a company that fits the bill, go ahead and partner with to make your product better.

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