How To Create A Company Profile Page On LinkedIn

by megan rose in Business, Marketing on 5th September 2018

For every business, LinkedIn company page gives a great opportunity to advertise its goods and services and helps to recruit top talent people, and share interesting, important and useful updates. If anybody has the companies email id, they can simply create a LinkedIn company page in a fraction of time. Another important thing is that it is free and easy to create. It builds the brand awareness by giving a channel to advertise companies product and services to consumers and prospects.

As many of know that LinkedIn has the nearly 200 million members. It is one of the social leading networking websites for professionals. So, Companies should create the company LinkedIn pages. Because it is related to B2B, companies can contact directly with another company. And Facebook is related to B2C. Here companies are interacting with the consumers.

Steps to create companies LinkedIn page

Here are a few steps to create a great LinkedIn page for a company, that motivates the professionals to click the “follow” button.

1. The summary should be compelling

This is the major step to create the LinkedIn company page, it must include a cover image of the company, update information about the company, need to provide the links which are related to the company products, service, careers and many. Also, provide a clear story about the company which included on the bottom of the page, it doesn’t indicate they shouldn’t get time to compose a great story of their business. If anybody scrolls down and find the company description, they have shown their interest in this company. So, the LinkedIn page creator hasn’t disappointed them by not giving the information what they want. The page creator has to use the keywords, so many people can find the companies LinkedIn page with relevant searches.

2. It has products and services

It has the products and services related to the company. With this tab, the company should share its products, images, links, and descriptions to make the purchase. It is like a sales section of the companies page, so try to sell the advantages of the company products, services etc.,

3. First list out the Important products

The products and services should display as a major content in the home page. If they place like this many people will see and express their interest towards to make them purchase. And the products and services page is another one that the company wants to promote on their homepage.

4. The cover image should get the attention

This is the most important thing, the photo can speak thousands of words. So the page creator should keep in mind and put the great cover image it should be good in visually, dynamically and can catch the professionals attention, and attracts them into a closer look at LinkedIn page content. Put the company summary hidden at the down of the home page to mention a message in the company cover photo that tells what the company does in a short sentence.

5. Write career information

LinkedIn is the great place for recruiting the talented professionals and also get the broader exposure over the professional audience. If the company decides to use LinkedIn for a recruiting purpose, the page creator should add the careers page to the company page.

6. The employees to connect with the company page

The employees in the company who have LinkedIn accounts must be connected with the companies LinkedIn page. Once they add in the company page they will appear as employees on the company LinkedIn page, the visitors can know more about them and increase the followers.

7. Product and service reviews

This is the great part for every company, the network and sales will increase based on the reviews. So, in the same manner, the LinkedIn company products and services page invites the members to share their reviews about the products and services of the company. The company can feature them on their LinkedIn company page, they should share them on their website like this they can extend their network more. But the company don’t expect people to write the reviews it consumes time.

8. Publish a few company news to make the company LinkedIn page look great

The publishers in the company to start creating the interesting and useful news about the company, or can also publish related to the entertainment and meaningful topics. That content should be clear and it will reach the companies targeted audience. If the company page is not having the proper content no one will follow it.

9. Promote company LinkedIn page

The page should have the “follow” button then the user can follow it easily. This is the simplest way to promote the company LinkedIn page with the users. If anybody likes to see the company page, again and again, they just click a single button. Make the process should be simple and easy for the users.

10. Highlight the important content

The user can set for the update that they can publish on their LinkedIn Company page it should be highlighted and placed on the top of the homepage. For example, if the company want to advertise an event or, attract attention to a particular promotion or creation of content, place it a highlighted update so that many audiences see it.


Hopefully, these are the major things in every company LinkedIn page creation. It will improve the network, sales, awareness of the company. This is much needed and useful thing for the companies. LinkedIn is a professional social network, it should maintain the relations with the professional aspect. It also provides the genuine information about the people and many people want it too. The companies no need to search for the person in many ways they can just go through their LinkedIn profile. It can speak about the person. In the same way, the company LinkedIn page also can speak to the person about what the company is exactly and what kind of products and services it is providing to the consumers.The company LinkedIn page creator should create it in a professional manner, the employees of the company also provide the great information about the business. The consumer’s decision mostly depends on the reviews. So, have to give the quality information.

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