How to Create Video Tutorials for Your Blog.

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 21st September 2020

The main benefit of the internet is free access to information. Millions of people spend hours daily creating educative content. Bloggers have turned to the use of tutorial videos that cover several topics on their blogs to educate the readers. In most cases, such videos are related to their niches.

Although you can record videos using a camera, it is economical and convenient to use Wondershare DemoCreator free screen recorder. It’s easy to use and comes with a range of video editing tools to make your videos more interactive. Read on to understand how to create video tutorials for your blog.

Importance of Video Tutorials for Blog.

Most bloggers only use written content to pass information to the readers. Unfortunately, they are yet to realize the benefits of using video content for the blog visitors to watch. Whatever the content you want to use on your blog or website, consider video as a priority. According to a research by Demand Metric, over 80% of the survey respondents said that the importance of video was increasing continually. This does not apply to markets alone.

Whenever you feel that a process you want to explain has many steps, it is worth to download DemoCreator and record a tutorial video. That is why people are using videos as a key tool for training and sales. Watching a short video on how to use a certain product gives the viewers a better understanding of what it is.

A fact about videos is that they are demand from consumers. In the current era, producers should only come up with products to satisfy consumer needs. People are interested in educative content in form of vides. That is why such content receives over a billion views daily on YouTube.

Wyzowl conducted a survey that concludes that more than 65% of consumers love to learn about new services or products by watching short videos. It’s therefore worth to create valuable content of the viewers’ interest.

People have the ability to retain about 95% of information watched on videos compared to the 10% retained from reading text. A blogger who wants to really educate site visitors should consider using videos on their blogs for the visitors to retain more content.

If you do a good video tutorial, it will give the viewers a personal interaction feeling especially if they know you.

Videos offer great content because they are usually engaging, emotional, educational, and empathetic in nature.

How to make a video tutorial for blog and what format will you use to create video tutorials for your blog?

Before you start making any tutorial, you must think of the topics to cover and the video format you intend to use. You can either use screencast or live video for your tutorials.

If your business is service based, you may face challenges making a video tutorial. However, you are supposed to explain the service you offer before telling them to hire you. For example if you are a graphics designer, you can explain to the viewers how to design unique graphics. That will convince them that you understand the service you offer.

Wondershare DemoCreator is an amazing PowerPoint screen recording software designed uniquely to solve your screen recording needs.

With an effective screen recorder, you can make a live video tutorials, screencast tutorials, or a demo videos.

  1. Live Videos.

These types of videos involve use of the webcam to record yourself as you explain certain processes or application of certain skills. As the tutor, you are supposed to explain every step of your process. If you are in a physical product business, this is the best way to do tutorials. If you choose to do it the traditional way, it may end up costing a lot of money to hire or purchase equipment. Fortunately, DemoCreator came to safe the situation. It’s free to download and easy to use. It doesn’t require persons to operate it as in the traditional case where some people are needed to physically record your actions or movements. 

  1. Screencast Tutorials.

In screen casting, someone records the activities on a computer screen and their own audio simultaneously. The audio is meant to explain the activities in the screen record. Use of cursor effects and other video editing tools makes such videos interactive.

  1. Demo Video.

You can also create a website, app, or software illustration. This way you will have to animate what is happening within it for the viewers to understand. With other screen recorders it could be a challenge to do some of these things but with a software that can record the screen as well as make a live record of video and audio, you can make any demos you wish.

editing feature

How to Create Video Tutorials.

Everything requires a plan or a systematic way of doing it. To come up with a good tutorial for your blog, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Brainstorming.

You cannot wake up and move on to record a tutorial before you decide on what you want to cover or include in the tutorial video. Set aside some time to think of the problem you want to solve and the steps involved in the process you wish to explain. Ensure you prepare a written script to enable you memorize your ideas to come up with a perfect video.

  • Recording.

This is what follows afterscript writing. It requires thorough preparation and seriousness because its output is what you share with friends or followers. Because you must record a fantastic video, use the DemoCreator free screen recorder and a microphone to make a live video or any form of video tutorial. With this handy software, you don’t need to hire cameras and videographers. The PC’s webcam is enough to serve you. If the computer’s audio recorder is functional, you can work without an external microphone.

  • Video Editing.

Wondershare DemoCreator software offers an array of video editing tools to achieve the video tutorial you intended to have. You can edit it yourself or hire an expert to do it. With DemoCreator, you can edit, split, cut, or alter the videos to your preference. Also, the software offers fade in and fade out effects, cursor effects, and annotation effects. You can also add a text title to your video to make it easy to follow and understand.

If you feel tutorial videos are becoming expensive for you or you want to make affordable tutorial videos for your blog, download the free Wondershare DemoCreator screen recording software. It will help you to make useful tutorial videos to use on your blogs.

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