How to Deal with Details on Product Label Design with Your Team

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 28th August 2019

Determining the details of product labels isn’t easy. You might end up fighting with the people within your team because you have different ideas. If you handle the conversation, you need to exercise your leadership capabilities to ensure that the meeting will be productive. You want to resolve these disagreements so that you can move forward. These tips will help you as you try to mediate the conflicts.

Don’t say no to anyone while brainstorming

When you’re still brainstorming the concepts, you can’t say no to anyone. It will disappoint that person and reduce the chances of participation as you move forward. You can take note of all of the suggestions, but you have to remind everyone that all these ideas still need refinement. It needs to be clear to all members that you don’t intend to accept all suggestions, but you also don’t want to put them down at an early stage.

Give a chance to explain

When someone feels strongly about a concept, you have to give an opportunity to explain. This person needs to tell you why the ideas are worth pursuing. The team can’t decide unless there are detailed explanations. The person who offered the suggestion also needs to be open to questions. You can decide based on how good the presentation was.

Put some matters to a vote

You need to create a more democratic approach in dealing with the situation. If there are details that the team can’t agree on, you can have secret balloting. In doing so, no one will feel hurt or attacked. The key is to respect the decision and not take anything personally.

Have private conversations too

You don’t need to have a big meeting all the time. If you think that the tension is already high, you can diffuse it through private conversations. You can ask the members of the team to speak to you individually so that they can be honest about how they feel.

Ask people outside the team

It takes a while before everyone can agree on the details of the packaging. It doesn’t mean that you won’t resolve it at some point. However, even if you already agreed within your team, you still need to consult with people outside. You might have employees who know the company well. You can count on these people to tell you how they feel about the new product labels. You can’t rely on the brilliant ideas of your marketing team alone. Sometimes, when ideas revolve around a small group, they’re not too reliable. You need to at least head out and get the opinion of others.

A good marketing team knows how to respect decisions made by all members of the team. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry if you knew you have the best partners in creating product labels. If you’re ready to print them, you can consider the services offered by You need to take product labels seriously since they’re a part of your marketing campaign.

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