How To Delete A Facebook Account

by megan rose in Tips on 12th September 2018

Facebook is a trending social media site, it allows the users who are registers to create their profiles in it. The users use it to upload images, videos and send messages. It also useful to communicate with relatives, friends, colleagues etc., There are 2 million users are engaging with this facebook in a day. The purpose of the Facebook is to present the world more accessible and related. Facebook’s newest mission comment is that individual use Facebook to stay connected with family and friends, discover what’s running on in the world and share and communicate what signifies to them.

Benefits of Facebook

There is a huge benefit with the Facebook if the users will use it in a proper way. It is to be the best social media to run campaigns for a business. The benefits are as follows
a. If the business unable to find customers, this is the best platform for that. It developed exposure to potential consumers
b. Facebook can gather the more leads, it has the possible way to get the consumer track near to the business.
c. Lower marketing expenses, if the marketer wants to create a banner for their business it is expensive. But in the Facebook, it is not expensive, it just posts an image of the matter.
d. It will reach the targeted audience because it has the facility to create the groups, and the marketer should post their post in that particular group.
e. Facebook Insights provides Facebook business pages, it will much useful for the business, they can create their own page and post their business-related images on it.
f. Build brand loyalty, the Facebook business page can do miracles for supporting the entrepreneur to build their brand loyalty.
g. Increase the traffic, if the marketer will give the exact content, quality products, and attractive posts they will get the organic traffic with the page performance.
h. User-friendly
It is a user-friendly app, the user can view this with their PCs and mobiles.

Steps for delete the Facebook account

There are a few steps to delete the Facebook account, they are as follows. But before deactivating the Facebook account the user should take their data.

1. Click on the account menu

The user is ready to delete their account from the Facebook, they should log in first and then, the right side of the menu there is a down arrow on the Facebook page in the user web browser. This is the initial step for the user before deleting the account.

2. Go to settings

After entering into the menu there is an option called “settings.” The user should go to that and select the icon.

3. Click on general

After entering into the settings there an option called general, the user should go to that.

4. Choose manage your account

The user can find out the option, manage your account. They should select it.

5. Select deactivate your account

This is the final step for the deactivated user, they can decide whether they should stay or delete their account from the Facebook page.
After selecting this option the Facebook will ask the user are you sure want to delete your account from the Facebook. If the user selected ok button, there are a few other account profile pics and names will display a message like we will miss you.


These are the major steps to delete the Facebook account. If the user wants to log in it again they should register it, then only they will get the access.

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