How to Do Keyword Research In 15 Minutes Or Less

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 28th September 2020

Digital Marketing is a highly dynamic field of activity. As SEOs who have spent years in the field, we all know how that odd request for doing keyword research can arrive from anywhere. You might be creating an email template or a report for the month when your boss suddenly pops out of nowhere and requests you to do keyword research!

You cannot say no to the guy, because, among other things, he is your Boss! So the question then is, how you are going to wrap up the same as quickly as possible. 

In this article, we are going to list five steps to help you get your keyword research done in 15 minutes or less. However, before we begin, let us first look at why keyword research is important for business growth and for a successful SEO strategy 

Keyword Research: Meaning and Definition

According to SEO experts, Keyword Research is one of the primary tasks of a successful SEO strategy. In many ways, it is the foundation of any well-built and successfully executed SEO. In very simple terms, keyword research is finding out about what terms, words, and phrases people are using to search online. 

Once you know what people are searching for, you need to create content, which answers those terms, questions, or phrases. If you have been able to create evergreen content, increase its authority by building backlinks, the next time someone searches for those words, your website’s search results will be shown to them. 

Many people feel that keyword research is plain and straightforward. However, it is not. It requires a high level of skill to know and understand what people are looking for on the internet, finding trends, looking at search volumes, and looking at the competition. 

3 Steps to do Keyword Research in 15 Minutes or Less 

Step 1- Creating a Keyword ‘Seed’ List: 

The first step is to enter the focus keyword of the client and create a seed keyword list. This involves using the focus keyword and trying to locate it in a broader industry from where it lies. This can be in the same niche, in an associated manner, and should consider the ecosystem of the person searching for the term. 

Step 2- Building a Keyword List:

Focussing on just one focus keyword is not going to help you land on the first page on Google. You need to focus your keyword research on related terms, phrases, and words associated with the focus keyword. This will enable you to build a Keyword List or relevant terms and phrases. You need to figure out the density, following the creation of the list. 

Step 3- Parameters of Ranking:

Many credible platforms and SEO tools out there can tell you how difficult or easy it is for you to rank. However, you need to understand that this is just a close-enough generalization and might differ. For example, Ahrefs can tell you keyword search volume, global volume, ranking difficulty, CPC rate and how you can rank if you have a certain number of backlinks. If you have this knowledge, you can then plan accordingly. 

What do you need to do after the Keyword Research?

If you are lucky, your Boss might not ask you for anything apart from this, but what happens if you get the go-ahead for the next step?

In that case, there are two things you will need to do- 

  1. Create High-Quality Content- 

The first and probably the most important (yet underrated) aspect of SEO is creating high-quality content. At this juncture, you will have to get your Content Writer and give him or her the Keyword Research information. Creating long-format, original and high-quality articles, which are SEO-optimised is going to help your cause for success. 

  1. Research Publishers and Publish- 

You might have figured out that we are referring to Guest Posting by now. This means once you have the content ready, you need to reach out to the publishers in your niche and see their metrics. If your article is of high quality and something, which the publisher feels will benefit his or her audiences, they will publish it and give you the coveted backlink. 


Many people emphasize that without great Keyword Research, an SEO strategy is doomed to fail. In this article, we have tried to show and enumerate three important steps, which can help you get your keyword research done in fifteen minutes or less. Can you help us with some more insights on keyword research in the comments section below?

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