How to Find Youtube Influencers

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 27th January 2021

Want to find Youtube influencers for your marketing campaigns? Look no further, because you’re in the right place. We’ll walk you through all you need to know to find the perfect Youtube influencers to collaborate with your brand.

Define your objective and the type of Youtuber you want to collaborate with

The first step of any marketing campaign, and a very important one, is defining your objectives. What does your brand want to achieve? Establish your goals clearly, and set up some key performance indicators you can use to track your progress. Examples of these could be video views, clicks on links, or visits to your website.

After you know your goal, you have to define your target audience. This will help guide you on your influencer search. Once you know who you’re marketing to, create an influencer profile that will help you reach those people.  Consider the location and language of the influencer, as well as the category of their content, like sports or fashion. Also, based on your objectives, determine how many subscribers and views you want them to have.

Find Youtube influencers directly on Youtube

The statistics you’ll be able to analyze will be somewhat limited if you’re only looking on Youtube. But you still may find some influencers that are a good match.

Start by taking a look at your brand’s subscribers and the users who comment on its videos. See if you can find someone among them who has the right number of subscribers/views, the right type of content, and a style and personality that aligns with your brand.

If you don’t have luck with that, try searching Youtube for keywords related to the product or content that you want to promote. See what videos come up, and who created them. The right influencer might be among those results.

Finally, if you find influencers who look interesting for your collaborations, you’re going to have to get a bit more information about their channels. Ask the influencer for their media kit or Youtube Analytics, which should provide insight into their channel’s performance statistics.

All of this being said, there is a better way to find and analyze Youtube influencers: using an influencer marketing platform.

Use an influencer marketing platform

Influencer marketing software allows you to search for Youtube influencers with the added-bonuses of a built-in search engine and analytics information. Therefore, you don’t have to request this information from Youtubers, as you can see it directly on the influencer marketing platform. This saves time and effort.

Heepsy is one example of such a type of platform. With Heepsy, you can search for Youtube influencers using several search filters. Search according to:

  • Country – the country set on the channel
  • Subscribers – the number of subscribers a channel has
  • Views – the total views or average views per video 
  • Videos – the number of videos overall, number of videos per week, or the date of the latest video
  • Channel – the channel creation date
  • Contact – only channels with public emails, only verified channels, or channels whose creator also has a presence on another social network

Heepsy’s Youtube search engine with the Contact filter open.

Once you set your filters according to what you want to find, you’ll see the results as influencer profiles, with the most basic information displayed – their Youtube handle, biography, subscribers, average views and location.

Youtube influencer search results as seen on Heepsy.

To get a more in-depth look, click on one of the influencer profiles.  There you’ll see a visual preview of their latest videos, their complete bio, as well as statistics about their total videos, subscribers and total views. You can also see if they have a presence on other social networks like Instagram or Twitter.

The Heepsy profile for beauty influencer Alexandra Anele.

Moreover, the profile will fill you in on the following statistics:

  • Average views per video
  • Videos per week
  • Date of latest video
  • Visual preview of most-viewed recent video (and view count)
  • Visual preview of latest video (along with view count)

So, as you can see, an influencer marketing platform like Heepsy offers a more complete and efficient Youtube discovery process for finding influencers.

Things to keep in mind when looking for Youtube influencers

Now that we’ve shown you how you can find influencers, let’s run through a few things to bear in mind while doing so.

  1. Higher subscriber count doesn’t always translate into higher ROI. You may be tempted to find an influencer with millions of subscribers, thinking that it will best benefit your marketing campaign. However, know that nano and micro influencers, who have relatively small subscriber bases, generally have the highest engagement rates in the business. This means their subscribers are more invested in their content and more likely to engage with it. Further, nano and micro influencers are cheaper to hire for collaborations, which means you get more bang for your buck.
  2. Prioritize views over subscribers. Keeping in mind point 1, it’s also a good idea to pay more attention to views than subscribers. Just because someone subscribes to a Youtube channel doesn’t mean they watch all of its videos. Further, the subscribers metric doesn’t account for all the other Youtube users who aren’t subscribed to a channel but who land on its videos. It’s better to look at total views, and especially average views per video, to see how well a Youtube influencer’s content is performing.
  3. Search using several keywords related to what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a beauty influencer, for example, don’t just search for beauty. Prepare a list of related terms, and search for those too. For example: cosmetics, skincare, makeup, lipstick, eye looks, whatever hits closest to the type of influencer you’re looking for. Youtubers all have their own unique way of naming videos, so if you limit your keyword search you could miss out.
  4. Know how much you can pay influencers. It’s okay if you can’t afford to pay influencers hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars for a collaboration with your brand. But if that’s a limit you face, then forget about finding influencers with millions of subscribers. It’s better to focus on nano and micro influencers, as mentioned above, who can provide better engagement and who will likely be happy to collaborate with your brand in exchange for product. Know your limits, and then work with what you have.


To find Youtube influencers for your marketing campaigns, you have to first clearly define your objectives and target audience. Once you know those, use an influencer marketing platform to search for and analyze influencers. And while doing that, keep these 4 tips in mind so that you can make the best decision for your brand.

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