How to Gain Popularity on Your Blog

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 13th June 2021

Blogs are one of the leading website types on the internet in the modern day. There is a blog for about just about anything. From education to travel and food to sport, you will always find someone talking about something. Whether you are a professional, or you just do it for a hobby, blogging is a lot of fun. You get to write about subjects you are passionate about, it can spark conversations and debate, as well as gaining followers and fans who like what they hear from you. It is a very exciting but easy-going hobby at the same time. No matter your intentions of the blogs, you will likely want as many eyes on your work as possible. So how can you get more people reading your blog? Well, there are definitely a few things you can try. 

Choose a Niche 

No one has just one straight forward interest, which is great of course. For bloggers, though, it can trip them up. Especially people who are new to blogging, it is common for people to touch different basis in their writing. For example, someone might have an interest in a number of sports and they might write about football, rugby, and tennis. If a reader stumbles across a tennis post that they like, their interest could go away when they see the site is not really a tennis blog. It can also make people feel you are not too knowledgeable on the subject if it is not your primary interest.  

This is not to say you cannot cover a number of different subjects, you can. It might just be better to start off on one particular niche. This way you can attract a following of people who have that shared interest. As your blog grows and progresses, then you can consider expanding into a wider realm of interest. 

Understand SEO

SEO is search engine optimization. It is essentially how your site or page will perform on search engine results. One of the leading factors for blog posts and SEO is keywords. Getting an appropriate number of keywords in your text is the best way to get the most out of your blog. Too few keywords and no one will be able to find your work, too many and it will come across as spammy and messy. Digital marketing companies such as can help bolster your SEO score as well as improve traffic to your site.  

Connect With People

If you want people engaging with your blog, sharing and commenting are only good things for you. It makes other people more likely to get involved and enjoy the content. It sparks conversation and gets more eyes on your work. When you think of it that way, why would you not get involved? You can reply to comments on your own work. This will make people more likely to engage if they think you will engage back. Connecting with other blogs and people in that niche is also a good idea. The more relevant you make yourself in this realm of interest, the more people are going to check out your own work. 

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