How to get maximum results as a guest blogger

by anne jane in Digital Marketing, Marketing on 26th November 2018

Guest posting is an active traffic generating and SEO strategy used for promoting the brand. Bloggers and owners of the websites use this,  with an aim to maximize the visibility of their online pages. The guest posting which is also called as guest blogging is the practising of creating a post to another blog or website to build links, exposure, authority and finally links. Links are the primary factor in Google’s ranking, and in SEO this offers a substantial opportunity to obtain backlinks from another blog or website. in addition to the other SEO marketing strategies. However you need to follow right guest posting guidelines.

Bloggers are engaged in writing high-quality content on their blogs which can be used to pull new readers and share with their existing visitors. This makes guest blogging a winning solution for both the partners, website owners and bloggers. Website owners want to rank their websites in search engines and bloggers are excited in attracting more readers.

Develop rapport with the owner of the blog

Posting comments are the right way to reach and make the best impression on the blogger. Moreover, the best way to build a rapport to drop a main into their inbox. Blog editors usually get their pitches from other unknown sources. People generally like these unknown sources and respond more positively to the one who they recognize.

Creating a rapport can be done by sharing the content or tagging the blogger, replying to the social media posts, answering to email newsletters. To get the A-listers and connect with them always be creative. Deliver the high-quality content so that the website or blog owner comes back for a guest posting.

Choose the right topic

To write the content should be conversational and pitch in the market.  Respond to the site by providing a value based topic and additional information to the already existing favourite topic. Write with novel thoughts for the topic which is something which is likely to have a popular with the readers. If there is already a topic which is already shared and relevant to the site, and did not publish on the targeted site, that will be an excellent topic to write for a guest blog. Select the topic which is trending and which is current. The topic should appeal to the publisher or the blogger and which works for business. Moreover, being consistent and flexible ensures a better link building and business development.

Targeting the right place

Guest blogging always starts right with the correct targets. Targeting is essential because of its high conversion rates. In any niche, there are plenty of opportunities for making the connection with the publishers, cooperations and bloggers that generate mutual benefits.

While encouraging the blog post, encourage the calibre of the audience. if it is a small sector or a niche industry, it would be better. Focus on the audience who is interested in giving fast results about the products or offerings. Considers publishing the content frequently. A spot on a website or a blog which publishes once in a week or a day means getting the full attention of the audience.

Don’t write for promotional activity

Never blow the chances of guest posting by writing the content for promotional activity. Moreover, the editor does not want their audience to waste their time reading a promotional post or an ad. They will never entertain the writers for trying to use their platforms for the promotional purpose. Practise the guest posting as an opportunity for educating the readers and provide solutions about their pain points. This, in turn, helps to build the trust and credibility. Engaging the audience is the ultimate aim of the guest posting.


As efficient CTA is essential as the readers have to take action and then complete the conversational goal. The way the structure of the CTA should always be depended on the post. Most of the writers link at the beginning or the end of the content. but it is always better to include CTA at the end which provides better quality leads. Slowly develop the rapport all through the article and then attract them back to the post to generate interest. The rich keyword or the anchor text should relevant, otherwise, it will not earn any credibility or rapport. Moreover, there are no set rules for creating the CTA but it should be short and straightforward.

The CTA must look relevant and natural which arouses the curiosity or leave them wanting more. The call to action should tie with the landing page. Finally be experimental with the next guest posting and monitor the results.


Guest posting or blogging is not all about earning the backlinks. It is a chance to target the new visitors and increase the subscribers for growing online users and build the rapport with the niche influencers. This type of posting can benefit the writers if done correctly. It is not that everyone can win if played rightly, but keep a few things and follow the above specific steps. While writing determines the purpose of the guest blog and the reason to publish the content on other sites. Always find the opportunities for guest postings.