How To Get More Likes On Instagram

by megan rose in Business, Tips on 14th September 2018

Instagram is one of the trending social media networks. Majority of the celebrities are following it and easy to share the photos videos etc., The data can be shared with friends, families and other followers in the network. Many people are used to posting their stuff, but a few people only getting the response from viewers. The users should follow a few steps to get more likes and grow their brand on Instagram.

1. Use the famous # Hashtags

Using #hashtags is an art, the user should keep popular Hashtags for their posts. It will help to boost their image up and will get the more likes. It will help the users to get discovered by the viewers and their data is more likely to get liked by them. If the user uses a number of hashtags it improves the possibility that their photos will be seen and liked.

2. Take high-quality photos

The user should post the good quality images on their social media, it can easily attract to the viewers. If the image is clear and looks nice the viewers want to share it also. Most of the time the photo can speak to the audience. The user no need to give any caption for it, the image is notable equal to 1000 words. So, keep in mind and upload a clear and nice image on the Instagram.

3. Schedule the post at best time

This is the major step every Instagram users should follow. The post should be posted in a right time in a proper manner. If the user will post at 1 AM, they won’t get many likes. If the user will post in the middle of the day they will get a number of views along with likes. Most of the people will visit the social media at the noontime to midnight. People will get bored evening times and they need relaxation, they will log in to the network and see the posts. Otherwise, post after dinner the user will use their smartphones before bed. Post photos at special events like Christmas, Halloween and other special days.

4. Start to like others posts

The Instagram user should be active, they have to like other posts then their posts liked by others. The user will give the comments in their contacts, this is the way to build the relation in the Instagram. Give the proper comment for the others post, it can make a positive impression on the user.

5. Increase the followers

The user should increase their followers, If the user follows a celebrity profile they won’t get the expected results for their post. So, they have to follow their own community like friends, relatives and etc., It is the best practice to follow a few new accounts in a day this also helps to grow the follower count and get the expected results. It looks more convincing to future guests.

6. Post continuously

If the user post in a continuous manner, it will show the user engagement. They will post regularly in a particular time, the followers should observe and see the posts. If the user post continuously they have the chance to give a comment or like to another user. They can observe the post quality by getting the response from the other users.


There are many ways to get likes to the Instagram posts, the user should keep in mind a few useful steps and follow it. They definitely get the expected results.

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