How to Grow the Online Presence and Performance of a Business

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 9th February 2021

The online sphere is now filled with various types of businesses all trying to get a share of the ever-growing market. COVID-19 led to the increased growth of the online model of business. Moreover, the internet is now packed full of businesses competing for the same customers, with many making use of services that help with inbound techniques amongst other things to rise up the ranks. For instance, as far as inbound marketing is concerned, inbound for b2b companies is all about drawing customers to products and services online in a way that feels natural. Today, I’m here to offer tips that can grow a businesses’ online presence and overall productivity. Here are some beneficial and cheap methods that I have successfully used to grow my business ventures online.

Site Speed

More than 50% of the people using the internet give up on websites that take too long to open. This means that we need to optimize speed on our business websites to make sure our customers are satisfied. This platform is not expensive if the right platform is used to host a website. For instance, I use WordPress which gives me access to tools that enable me to improve the performance of my website in many ways.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

Research shows that about 60% of the people using the internet are doing it from tablets and smartphones. To improve your business online, you need to create a mobile responsive website to make sure your business website is accessible to a majority of the people accessing the internet. I make sure that my websites have optimized images, no flash video, tappable elements, easy navigation, and easy functionality to make them mobile-friendly. WordPress hosting is mobile responsive and makes it easy to create a business website.

Use Social Media

The most amazing thing about social media is that it is free to create an account. The only task here will be posting your products daily. I found this very useful in the shoe business. Posting daily helped me communicate more with my customers and make more sales online. Some businesses do not require you to post daily. They only require you to post once a week and keep constant communication with customers. It is also important to post images and videos rather than plain text. Research shows that a large percentage of people pay attention to graphical posts compared to text posts.

Make It Easier for Customers to Contact You

It is very difficult to conduct any business without proper communication. I have worked with customers who visited our stores to have a look at the electronic devices they were interested in. They were able to contact me through the contact information placed on my business website. I have since strived to make sure that all my websites have contact information placed where it can be easily accessed – on the homepage of the website.

E-Mail Marketing

E-mail is the most official way to send a message. I have created my websites to capture user information which I use to communicate directly to my clients. We have newsletters which we release on a weekly basis to keep our customers informed about our products. I make sure they are easy to read. My email marketing campaigns have helped me to host competitions, promote giveaways and send promotions. I also confirm the payment of bills and delivery of goods through email.

SEO Techniques

This is the technique that enables a business to be found easily on the internet. It is advisable to use a paid or free tool to set the elements of Search Engine Optimization in your website. I use browser plugins to get the data I require to get to the top of the search results. This has helped my business to appear at the top of search results. This translates to more enquiries and increased sales.

Choose the Correct Platform to Host Your Website

This is where most businesses get it wrong. I chose to host my website on WordPress. I have since then experienced amazing services from them. Most of the tools on this platform are free. This has helped me to improve my business website and made it to be easily available to customers. You should research the best platform for your business website before starting a site for it.

Design Layout

More than a quarter of the people using the internet leave sites that do not have good designs relatively quickly. I made sure that my site had a good visual style which pleased all users. I also added a night theme to keep my site up to date with the latest trends. Nobody will be able to resist your business website if it has an attractive design.

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