How to Increase Sales Using Better Web Design

by Josh Biggs in Business, Tech on 27th March 2021

Several factors affect company sales. Web design is probably not on the list that you know of. The truth is that for e-commerce businesses, web design can be impactful. You can entice more potential customers based on how great your website is. Web design agencies in Oxford like https://xist2.com will tell you that investing in web design is worth it. If you wish to improve overall sales by tweaking your web design, these ideas are useful. 

Make a bolder call to action

The call to action button matters a lot. It’s what people will click if they want to take the next step. Whether they wish to learn more about the business or buy the products, the buttons are essential. Therefore, instead of using bland phrases that don’t serve the purpose of calling someone to take action, use bolder words. They need to entice people to take the next step. The words should be clear and easy to understand. Avoid generic phrases like “learn more” since they don’t do anything to convince anyone. What will the user learn? Will there be new information not yet found on other pages? 

Use photos that appeal to target audiences 

The choice of photos also matters. Let go of stock images since they don’t appeal to anyone. They might be free to use, but no one will change their minds after seeing a stock photo. You can find better images. Take the pictures yourself. Find models who use your products and services. They should also look like your target audiences. They will feel that you’re talking directly to them with the use of pictures. People become loyal to a brand if it understands them. 

Make it easier to pay

Paying for the products shouldn’t take time. It took long before the user decided to order. The last stage should only take a minute or so. Asking your customers to fill out a lengthy form will turn them off. The same thing happens if you only accept limited payment options. The goal is to make the payment process easy and stress-free. Allow the users to save payment details so they can order easily next time.

Simplify the creation of accounts

Most e-commerce websites require users to register first before using all the features. There’s nothing wrong with asking for data to proceed with the transaction. It’s helpful. The problem is if you ask people to fill out forms with too much information. Instead of answering the rest of the forms, they will decide to close the tab and look for other options. You also have to make it possible for the transaction to proceed even without registration. Some people want a quick purchase, and they don’t intend to come back. If you ask them to register, you will lose potential buyers.

Discuss with your web designers to find out how you can improve your website. These changes are enough to convince people to consider buying the products. You have a voice in the process, and you will see the desired results.

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