How to Invest in a Smart Way

by Josh Biggs in Finance on 16th July 2021

You may have received $500,000 as an inheritance, or you have saved it for years. Now, you are more than ready to invest it because this amount of cash can make a real difference in your life. When left for a few decades in sound investments, half a million dollars can quickly grow to be worth more than a million, and this can be an excellent nest egg upon retirement.

However, how you are going to invest that $500,000 will dramatically impact the returns you will get and the amount of cash you will end up with. As an example, if you leave it to grow at 6% annual returns for 20 years, you can find yourself with an approximate $1.6 million. However, finding another way to get returns for 10% will lead you to a substantial amount of $3.4 million, and the difference is huge!

How to Invest?

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You may probably be racking your brains in trying to figure out the best returns for your investments. Most people are unsure how to invest $500,000, but luckily, here are some strategies to use that will get results. Some may work for you, and others will not, you just have to invest smartly according to your financial goals. Some of the instruments that you can invest in are the following: 

1. Gold

The suggested allocation for gold is 10% to 15%. The goal here is to diversify your investments because precious metals are known to rise in value when the stocks plummet. They are a hedge against inflation or stock market crashes. 

For some, the reality is that the value of precious metals tends to rise over time. This is especially in times of economic uncertainties, like the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic. Gold’s value does not generally decrease, and they are an excellent way to store your money over the long run.

Some of the companies can give you options to trade gold and have custodians and an IRS-approved depository where you can save these precious metals. Others may even let you invest in an IRA account if you see gold as a long-term investment opportunity. This is ideal for investors who want to have a strategy for diversification and have some cash to park. You can learn more about gold on this site.

2. Stock Market

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It is recommended to allocate at least 50% of your $500,000 to the stock market. This is ideal if you are investing for the long term. After all, the self-employed retirement plan or your traditional 401(k) is also invested in the stock market. You can open a separate account and start picking stocks, index funds, bonds, and other securities that may not be included in your original retirement plan.

Some of these retirement plans are tax-advantaged. You can deduct the contributions and reduce the taxes from your income but consult an accountant beforehand before doing these things. Although you will not necessarily get the same advantages with taxes when you open a new brokerage fund, you can still sell the securities and stocks without penalties.

In essence, the stock market is a good way to make your money grow and ensure that it is liquid at the same time. You can plan on how you can reduce the taxes on your capital gains with the help of a professional tax advisor. Also, be ready for the fact that some of the stocks will be worth lesser than the price you have bought them, especially if you decide to sell when the market dips.

Know that the stock market has consistently given higher returns to investors, so it is not best to focus on the negative. There are robo-advisors today that use advanced algorithms and sophisticated technology, so you will have a guide on how you can smartly invest your $500,000. These internet assistants offer advice, including options, included benefits, low fees, and flexible portfolios. You will also get an assessment about your risk tolerance, and they will do the heavy lifting for you.

3. Real Estate

The suggested allocation for real estate is about 10% to 15%. Your goal with this is to have a monthly cash flow and possible income appreciation when the prices of the houses that you have bought go up. With real estate, the possibility of entering the market is viable with $500,000, especially if you are planning to become a landlord. 

For a nest egg of $500,000, you can use that as a down payment, or it may even be more than enough if you purchase a house outright. Although the goal is to manage your properties more efficiently, it is understandable that not all landlords want to fix clogged drains and do other grunt work involved in the industry. This is where a property manager can help, especially with problems of tenants. You can read more about the careers of property managers at this link:

You can start by calling the best real estate companies in your area, or you can go to platforms on the internet to invest. Some of these platforms will let you start with as little as $1,000, and your money is going to be spread out to both residential and commercial buildings.

In some cases, you may consider pooling the capital with other investors and gaining exposure to real estate returns. Know that the returns are not always guaranteed, but if you find a gem of a property in a city, then you can make money by doing house flipping.

4. Buy a Business

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You can create a lot of businesses if you have a nest egg of half a million dollars. You can start a franchise, begin a home-based business, invest in online opportunities, and a lot more.

It is worth noting that starting a business does not automatically translate into passive income. However, as you work on it over time and start hiring people so that your business will begin to operate without your presence. 

You can create a system that will make the business profitable for years to come. Invest in an online business like drop shipping or any others that do not necessarily require you to have a physical store. Others sell this at a lump sum so they can retire comfortably.

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