How to Make Networking a Successful Marketing Strategy for your Business

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 19th July 2021

Do people buy products or call for a service they don’t know about? I guess you know the answer already. 

For a product or service to be patronized, it must be known. It doesn’t necessarily depend on how great the product is. A less efficient but known product would enjoy more patronage than a great but unknown product.

People can’t patronize a business they don’t know about, and marketing is a core part of any business’s success. One of the most effective ways of marketing your business is by building strong networks. If business growth and success are important to you, networking should be too.

Therefore, participating in a networking event is important for your marketing strategy. What’s more, it is important you present yourself in the best way possible, making your products attractive for your customers. You can find where to rent a stand to ensure you get the right one for your business and one that will attract visitors.

Let’s consider some of the ways you make networking an excellent marketing tool.

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  • Maximize Campaigns and Exhibitions

Beyond making sales, building solid relationships are the goal of networking. Everybody who shows up for a marketing campaign is a potential customer or partner. Showing up means there is an interest. Therefore, prepare to build good and lasting relationships with them. 

Besides choosing the right stand for the event, ensure the reception is something they would never forget. In events like this, you would want to connect with as many people as possible. You can ask if they’ll like to share their contact; emails, phone numbers, or more.

  • Nurture Your Relationship

Don’t forget that people attend these events mostly because they are interested or know someone interested. After the event, follow them up as soon as possible. 

This practice helps to keep your memory in their heart. Become a part of their lives by seeking out ways and information they can benefit from.

It might follow a different path when it applies to High-Net-Worth individuals (HNW), though. In the first place, they might not come to you, but instead, you deliberately build a business relationship with them. 

Either way, the principle is still the same: what value have you got to offer. What problem are you out to solve for them? What are you bringing to the table?

  • Make It About Them

People tend to pay more attention if the focus is on them. You’ll end up turning people off if they observe all you are out for is to make sales. This attitude should not be the case but instead, focus on them and their needs.

Making an effort would require that you listen to their pain points. It would help you know how to help them. Building such a relationship makes them trust you. 

Once you earn their trust, they’ll not only patronize your business but also refer others. You can also get connected with HNW individuals or influencers by gaining the trust of a customer.


Businesses succeed when people know and patronize them. Connecting with people should be a priority. Knowing the challenges people face would help you know how to help them. It can also help you know how to better improve upon your product to meet customer’s needs.

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