How to Make Your Online Classes Interesting

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 31st August 2021

You may think that online live class sessions are not interesting because there is no physical classroom, teacher, or student. It may sound monotonous and a slow teaching and learning process. However, there is a different way to look at online teaching and learning to provide an exciting outlook of online class sessions when you decide to let an expert to write my essay. Here are some tips to help to make your online classes enjoyable. 

  1. Organizing regular sessions

Having consistency in your online class sessions will promote participation from your learners and make them determined to learn. With regular class sessions, your students can understand and appreciate your willingness and initiative to ensure you teach them. In return, your students will strive to learn more and being engaged in the learning session as gratitude for your hard work. With regular class sessions, there will be flow in your teaching process, and students can easily adjust to the routine created for your sessions,

  1. Initiating debates, discussions, and quizzes in-class sessions

Sharing opinions during an online session about the topic of discussion promotes an interactive learning experience. To ensure participation, inform your students on the topics to be covered in the next session to prepare themselves for the topic with various mindsets and perspectives. Have quizzes and debate sessions to improve their understanding of concepts and encourage further studying and research. 

  1. Providing an opportunity for the student to be the teacher

To build on your student’s confidence, have sessions that you allow each student to pick a topic and explain to their fellow students later.  Allowing students to act like you by presenting a concept they have figured out will increase their knowledge of the topic and build on their confidence making learning productive.

  1. Making class sessions inclusive

Ensure your student have a safe space to talk and share their thoughts by including them in the class session. The more room for student participation in the course, the more the understanding of the subject. Binary terms and derogatory statements need to be avoided to ensure all students are comfortable. 

  1. Using different creative modes and tools 

To make teaching enjoyable, there is a need to use creative tools to enhance understanding. Have presentations, videos, pictures, clips, and other forms of modes to improve the learning of concepts by your students efficiently.  With visuals, memorability of concepts learned in class is easy.

  1. Seek regular feedback

No all students can be comfortable with your teaching styles as they have different personalities and backgrounds, among other reasons. To keep your class session interesting, always seek feedback about how you teach to ensure all your students are comfortable and are gaining from the class session. From feedbacks, you can identify the needs of the students that you did not meet initially, and you will generate ideas on how to improve your class sessions.

  1. Keep calm and composed

Online classes need a form of calmness and being composed to find them interesting. When calm, you can teach and impart knowledge to your students confidently. You can also tackle the questions asked confidently with more ease. With a good mood and a happy and calm outlook, your students will feel encouraged to reciprocate the same attitude making the class session enjoyable. 

  1. Have room for breaks 

Online classes may seem comfortable; however, it is essential to give your student a break during class. Breaks will help them breathe and cut down on their stress levels.


To make an online class enjoyable involves gaining an understanding of the needs of your students. By providing them with an interesting learning experience, they will understand the subject of study. Besides following the tips given you can visit the best writing services for additional tips for your classes.

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