How to Monitor Someone’s WhatsApp with No Experience

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 13th March 2021

Whether it is your kid or a suspicious partner, you often want to know how their social lives unfold. Unlike the old days, where SMS messaging was the best, WhatsApp has taken the social network with a storm.

 Presently, billions of people worldwide, regardless of their ages and cultures, communicate via WhatsApp. WhatsApp has emerged to be a peoples’ favourite with features that allow them to send texts, images, videos, and calls amongst more. 

Getting a snoop into someone’s WhatsApp will undoubtedly provide you with adequate information concerning their lives. However, WhatsApp has been made significantly secure. 

But worry not; it is possible to hack and spy so fast that they won’t even know it. Here is the trick!

Part 1: How to Monitor Someone’s WhatsApp with No Experience

Practically, being a guru in computer programming, spying on someone’s WhatsApp is a relatively cheap task. However, you are not. You may have tried the WhatsApp Web version and realized it has a bunch of limitations.

 Thus, only one option is left, using a spying app that will cost you a few coins, but get the job done neatly. Based on the technological advancement today, we will focus on the most efficient and effective spying app. 

Though countless spying apps are on the internet, most don’t work or fail to deliver efficiently and effectively. In this article, we will expound on the best app there is, Neatspy, which a legitimate and dependable WhatsApp hack app. 

Neatspy – the Apex of WhatsApp Messenger Spying

Neatspy is a masterly spying app for fast and reliable WhatsApp Messaging hacking and monitoring. 

With millions of positive reviews from happy clients, Neatspy sits at the top of the market. Importantly, in addition to WhatsApp hacking, Neatspy can hack Facebook, Skype, and location tracking. This indicates the level of expertise and reliability offered by Neatspy. 

One of the highlights of Neatspy is the interface, which has been made significantly user-friendly. You do not have to be tech-savvy; you can effortlessly configure and navigate the app. Besides, any difficulties experienced can be responded to by the support team anytime. 

With your mobile phone or personal computer, an internet connection, and a Neatspy account, you can keep tabs on the target device at your convenience. Though there is value to everything, whatever you part with for services offered by Neatspy, is far from being a match.  

You can visit the Neatspy official page and find out how the setup process is easy and straightforward.

Part 2: What Makes Neatspy Top Notch

Below are some of the features that make the app stand out. 

Discreet spying  

Neatspy operates in the background of the target phone without overconsuming power or sending notifications. 

Interestingly, while operating on an iPhone target device, you do not need contact with the target device at any given time. The app utilizes encrypted data stored on iCloud to retrieve information and display it on the dashboard. 

With only the target device’s iCloud login credentials, you can hack the iPhone by keying in the Neatspy dashboard details.  

If the target device is Android, you will need to install the app on the target device. However, the process takes a maximum of 5 minutes to have everything set up and running in the background. Once that’s set, you can access all the data, anytime, on the dashboard. 

Web-based spying

Unlike other monitoring apps where you have to install an app on your device, the Neatspy dashboard can be accessed from any browser via the Neatspy account. 

Data protection

Data from the target device is not stored in central storage, awaiting you to access it. Instead, all the data is loaded to your dashboard once you have logged in. Neatspy takes data security with at most caution. 

No rooting or jailbreaking is needed.

A majority of monitoring apps require the target device to be rooted to gain ultimate access. However, Neatspy does not need any rooting on Android, jailbreaking on iOS, or other technical configurations on the target device. 

This ensures that your device is not left vulnerable to security threats and incompatibility with other software. Also, this ensures the target device still receives system updates and remains on a valid warranty. 

The dashboard provides all information.

  • Read group and private messages: From the dashboard, you can read all sent, received, and even deleted messages from the target device. 
  • Contacts: You can see the contacts of who the target has been chatting with via Whatsapp. Contacts detail include the phone number, display pic, name, and even address.
  • An enabled download of media: Media shared between the target device, and other devices can be downloaded again. Whether it’s a voice note, video, or image. 
  • Timestamps: Every message or media sent or received is accompanied by a timestamp, which can also be viewed. 

Part 3: What Else Does Neatspy Offer? 

  • Location tracking 

Neatspy uses GPS and Wi-Fi connections to keep track of the target device in real-time. Information provided includes; location, device address, and road coordinates. Additionally, you can monitor the movement timeline with time stamps and dates. 

  • Geofence notification

This feature allows you to set boundaries within specific locations. This feature is independent of the location tracker. In instances where the target device crosses into or out of the set boundaries, Neatspy sends an alert immediately. 

  • Browsing History Tracker

If you are a parent wishing to protect your kids from online threats, website tracking is an important feature. Also, you can observe the times and how often the sites are visited. Neatspy also allows you to block access to specific sites. 

  • View Call Logs

All the incoming and outgoing calls from the target device can be monitored from the dashboard. Details provided include; call duration, date and time, frequency, contact number, and name. 


It can be worrying when you cannot tell what happens with people you care for. The security of your loved ones is in your hands. Now that you are enlightened on how to monitor someone’s WhatsApp, nothing should stay in your way of doing it. 

Neatspy is trustworthy and dependable. It all you looking for!

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