How to post on Instagram from PC

by anne jane in Digital Marketing, Marketing on 29th November 2018

Posting photos or pictures on social media is an easy job than the mobile phone. Mostly the social media platforms are built to work both on smartphones and personal desktops(PC or Mac), but the one which is popular is Instagram. Though posting on Instagram through Mac or PC is not immediately apparent but it is possible with a little expertise. According to the statistics, the chrome browser has much percentage of shares in the browser markets, which is then followed by Safari. Though they are many devices for posting on Instagram amidst the PC or Mac, These devices(Mac or PC) permits almost 80% of the internet users to work out the task via laptop or desktop.
Moreover, Instagram has begun a considerable change at present, driving a fully-functional web app letting people upload the photos from Mac or PC. Don’t want to waste your time by finding the right filters? You can use pre-made Instagram Presets. They are compatible with all Lightroom versions and Lightroom Mobile. Once you learn how to upload a post on PC or Mac you may also explore the possibilities of increasing engagement on this social network which can be easily done by getting Instagram likes from BuzzVoice. In the following, there are various method of uploading the posts in Chrome, Safari and FireFox..

Method I: Chrome

Go to the Instagram website and log in. Now right click the page and scroll down to Inspect>Click on the tablet icon which is on the top left. The page must switch to mobile view where there is a camera button at the bottom of the Screen. This lets to upload the photo from the desktop.This can even be done in Incognito Window. Open this window which is on the top-right corner of the Chrome window dropdown list.
Click on New incognito window or press Ctrl+Shift+N. Make sure that the log-out of your Instagram account is not needed if already logged in.
From the drop-down list in the Incognito Window select the More tools > developer tools and click on Mobile icon.
Open the Instagram website and replace Instagrams’ address with the Chrome Address-Bar in the Chrome Window and press enter.
Log into the Instagram with all the credentials. This opens the Instagram feed as a mobile view.  Click on “+” icon which is on the lower end of the page, Which in turn opens Finder (on Mac) and File Explorer (on Windows).
Select the photo to upload the photo on to Instagram. Click on an open tab which is on lower-end of the corner which in turn uploads the picture or posts to the Instagram Mobile Site.
Select Filer-Tab and click next. Enter the description and write the caption for the photo.
Finally, click share. This is where the photo is uploaded in the Instagram.

Method II: FireFox

Start a separate window on the Firefox browser. Then Press the button Ctrl+Shift+P on windows or if it on Mac press Command+Shift+P
Make sure to log into the Instagram which is important to upload the photo within Firefox browser.
Click on the web-developer and click on the web console which is on the lower end of the Firefox.
Open Instagram login page. Click on the Responsive-design-mode icon. This is located on the Uppermost side in a web application. Now login page of the Instagram edits and displays the login domain as the middle of the web page. It can be even done through Ctrl+Shift+M (on Windows) or Command+Shift+M (on MAC)
Begin the “No-Device-Selected-Heading” from the drop-down menu.
Press Apple iPhone from a drop-down menu. There is an option to pick any mobile devices such as Samsung.
Login to the Instagram and enter the login details. Then click + which opens a Finder or File-Explorer depending on the system.
Select the photo and upload that to Instagram.
Finally, Click on the share and the picture will be uploaded to the Instagram page.

Method III: Safari

On Safari it is relatively easy. Go to safari >preferances > Advanced. Tick the box at the very bottom which says, Show, develop menu in Menu Bar. Then open the private browsing window. Head-to-develop > User Agent>Safari(IiOS 10). Go to an Instagram website, log in and click the camera icon which is at the bottom of the screen and Upload the photo from a desktop.


Instagram is one of the best social networks where photographers should utilize. If this is not be used often, it may be a possibility of missing something. Above we have seen a couple of methods to post on to the Instagram and hopefully, this solves the problem and saves the time.