How to prevent your GoPro Video from getting corrupted

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 20th April 2020

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a pop-up error message while playing your video footage. How did the file get corrupted! You won’t be able to view all those fabulous moments you captured on the weekend trip! But what if you can prevent your GoPro file from getting corrupted?

 If you frequently suffer from GoPro corrupt files, you must try these prevention tips.

1.    Always use a GoPro approved video memory card

It is not necessary that every memory card will work fine with your GoPro. If the read and write speeds are not sufficiently fast, your GoPro MP4 can no doubt end up with errors. It is usually best if you use a GoPro approved memory card.

2.    Avoid using GoPro when its battery is down

The video recorded on a GoPro with a low battery sign may show issues. Your camera shutting down unexpectedly could also cause problems in your recordings. So, it is best not to record when the battery is about to get drained. When you go on long trips, carrying a battery backup is a good practice.

3.    Make sure you eject your SD card correctly

You could land up with your GoPro files corrupted due to a memory card as well. ‘Card cannot be used’ is one of the most frequent error messages which mainly appears when you have not removed the card correctly.

You must eject a memory card only when your GoPro device is turned off. If you remove the card when the files are still being transferred you can have your SD card corrupting files. Make it a habit not to delete, rename or transfer files on the card when your files are open on your computer device.

4.    Frequently format your memory card

How to uncorrupt an SD card? The quickest way would be to format the memory card. Undoubtedly you would lose all your recorded data but will have your memory card as good as new.

To avoid this what you could do is save all your data and format the memory card before it gets corrupted. Sure, you would have to format the card frequently, but you won’t lose any data and neither will your GoPro MP4s get corrupted.

5.    Using a GoPro case is again a must

Always use the right GoPro case in order to keep your camera protected. GoPro suggests using the I/O door that completely covers the memory card slot. Keeping your camera protected is another way of preventing your GoPro MP4s from getting corrupted.

6.    Keep your GoPro clean

Take out the time to clean your GoPro and memory cards at least once in a year. Let the camera get fully dry after being submerged. To clean the metal contacts on the card you must use a cotton swab or an old toothbrush with a little bit of rubbing alcohol.

The inside of the SD card slot has to be dusted out gently using a can of compressed air. A clean device reduces the risk of getting the files corrupted.

How to uncorrupt a video file?

Of course, prevention is better than cure. But if you end up with a corrupted video, you are left with no choice but to try and repair your GoPro video. Even if you follow the above-mentioned preventive measures, your GoPro videos may show errors.

This could be possible if your computer is infected with spyware. A power failure when the video is being transferred could also damage your recordings. Here are some ways by which you could repair GoPro videos.

Use a GoPro MP4 video repairing tool

Perhaps the best means of de-corrupting a GoPro video is to make use of a MP4 video repairing tool. Wondershare Video Repair is one such tool that is capable of fixing all errors of a corrupt GoPro video. It restores all the header, frame, movement, and sound damages. What’s more, it presents your video in its original quality!

Try GoPro SOS to fix your corrupted videos

A quick and hassle-free way of GoPro MP4 repair is with the SOS system of your GoPro. You just need to re-insert your memory card. When you do so, GoPro will give you a warning about a corrupt video on your card. When you press any button, GoPro will automatically start the video repairing process.

Keep in mind that this effortless repairing process has some restraints too. If this trick works, well and good! Else, you would need to get your video repaired some other way.

Try VLC for GoPro corrupt file fix

If the SOS system of your GoPro is unable to fix your issues, take a shot at VLC media player. VLC has an automated repairing system for.AVI corrupted videos. To fix your GoPro MP4s, you would first need to convert its format. The good news is that VLC also has an option for format conversion. Hence, the VLC media player is another great way of repairing your GoPro videos.


A few file errors due to the rough and tough use of a GoPro camera are quite common find more Gopro Camera Solutions here. From travelling to blogging, the small size of the GoPro camera is suitable for all tasks. It is best if you use your camera with precautions. But even if you end up with corrupt videos, they can also be fixed.

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