How To Promote Your Business Using Instagram 

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing, Tips on 31st March 2020

In this world of technological advancement, social media has taken over the world by a storm. It has changed the way we approach things, interact, communicate, express ourselves, and socialize.

Social media channels have also impacted the way we do business. They have become major marketing platforms for all types of products and services. Therefore it is crucial than ever to tap into this area and boost your brand’s value.

Enlisted below are a few handy tips to keep in mind when promoting your business using Instagram:

Make Your Account Creative

Build your profile in such a way that more and more customers are enticed and compelled to follow you. Be creative with what you post. Create high-quality content. 

Try and experiment with different things. Don’t stick with plain posts. 

Instagrammers are shoppers. Post the right images so that users get your marketing message without any hard pitch from you. 

Create A Fantastic Bio

Apparently, Instagram only provides a 150 character limit for profile bio. That means you have to create a fantastic first impression in fewer words.

So, be witty with your bio. Don’t beat around the bush. Use crisp language to reciprocate what your brand stands for. Also, add the link to your website.

Your Instagram can be your entry point. So, do everything you can to outshine your competitors.

Take Them Behind-The-Scenes

Use the power of gram to tell your story. 

If you manufacture a product/ offer a service, show your followers what made you start with the particular business you are in. Intrigue them.

Share videos of the manufacturing process so that they know what happens behind the scenes. Hire a graphic designer, to create graphics and animations on how your company reached where it is today. Be realistic and allow the users to connect with your brand.

Use Instagram Stories

Create engaging content as Instagram stories to convey your brand’s message.

Market your products/ services by sharing facts or posting client reviews and customer feedback.

Customers trust brands that are transparent in their offerings. 

Include your clients in those stories. Let your followers know what their individual contribution means to you. 

Expand Your Reach With Hashtags

Another widely used feature on Instagram is the hashtag. So, put relevant hashtags in your stories and posts to reach a wider audience.

If a particular hashtag is trending, create your content around it. You can also create a hashtag campaign or challenge wherein you ask the users/ participants to use a particular hashtag. This tactic will not only spread brand awareness but also increase engagement with the hashtag you created.

Use Instagram’s Editing Tool To Stand Out

With over 100 million photos and videos being uploaded per day, there’s exists a lot of competition to outshine. 

To win over hearts and followers, you must do something that your competitor isn’t doing. Post photos that catch the attention of your target audience, 

To make sure they don’t scroll past your post, use Instagram in-app filters to enhance the colors and moods of your photos.

Collaborate With Instagram Influencers

Collaborate with influencers on Instagram. They can promote your brand and review products.

Since they have a huge following, they can educate and inform their followers about your offerings and impact their purchase decisions.

So, rather than setting a budget for paid ads, get in touch with influencers and start a campaign. They can help direct their audience to your site. 

Also, if you want those leads to convert into paying clients, make your website engaging and easy to use. Hire web design experts, and invest some time in website development.

Maintain Consistency

Your efforts won’t count to anything if you don’t maintain consistency. That said, the key is to stay recognizable. So, make sure you use the same user name across all social media channels. 

Besides that, keep your profile image consistent and posting game strong.

Final Thoughts

Follow these tips diligently to improve your engagement and grow your followers on the gram

Always remember, your content will get you leads. If you don’t post interactive and relevant content, none of the tricks will work. 

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