How to Recover Permanently Deleted Photos on iPhone: 3 Effective Methods

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 16th March 2022

Do you need to use a photo that you’ve recently deleted? This is a common practice for iPhone users. You don’t keep track of the content you accidentally delete, and then there’s a problem. How to restore the media content if it’s been permanently deleted? Fortunately, there’s a proven way to help iPhone users deal with the lost media content. 

There are a couple of ways you can try to restore the media. You don’t need to master your skills and hire an expert to help you. There are 3 working methods you can try on your own without support from others. What are these methods? How to check them? Let’s discuss each way in detail and learn how it can help you. 

How to Recover Deleted Photos on iPhone: 3 Simple Ways 

You might think that an expert approach is needed to retrieve deleted photos on iPhone. However, the procedure is simple and doesn’t require any additional help. You can try easy ways or choose the iPhone recovery software to deal with more complicated methods. You should try one of these ways or use each to make sure you recover the images with ease. 

Recently Deleted Photos 

The first method is simple. All you need is to open the gallery and scroll down the screen. You will see the Recently Deleted photos section. You should open it and choose the photos you need to restore. When you click the relevant button, you will see the recovered media files back in your gallery. It will work perfectly when you deal with the recently deleted files. 

Find Deleted Photos on iPhone With the iTunes Backup 

What should you do if the media has been permanently deleted? If the first method doesn’t work and you can’t find the images in the Recently Deleted folder, you should try the next method. It is a more sophisticated way to recover photos on your phone, but you should try it. You need a Mac laptop to cope with this task. Take your phone and connect it to the Mac, open iTunes and select your phone among the possible options. 

You will find the Restore Backup feature. You should click on the button and launch the process. It’s a nice way if you have the Macbook and can use these two devices together. It will take some time, but you won’t find it complicated at all. 

Photo Recovery Software 

However, what should you do if you don’t have a Mac and can’t find access to the laptop? There’s another effective way. Whether you want to recover photos or restore notes on iPhone, you can try this method. It will help you get permanently deleted photos back to your device. All you need is to perform simple steps. First of all, find a high-quality data recovery tool and download it. When it’s installed on your device, you can open it and launch it. 

Your main task is to find the recoverable data and select the necessary items. The application will do everything for you. Make sure you designate the right folder to save the recovered data. Don’t choose the original folder to prevent file corruption. Finally, the recovery process is done. 

Video Tutorial for Mac Users

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Final Words 

It’s easy to recover the photos and images on your phone. Whether you accidentally deleted the media or made it on purpose, these 3 methods will help you. They are easy to follow. If you have no technical expertise, you can still meet your needs and recover the photos. Try each method and check which one fits your case the most!

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