How to Reduce Packaging Waste in Your Business

by Josh Biggs in Business on 16th June 2021

Reducing waste is your corporate social responsibility and should be important to your business. Many consumers choose greener solutions so this is a necessary and beneficial step in the right direction for your business. There are several ways to reduce waste and some are fairly easy to implement. 

Train and Retrain

It is imperative that your entire team is aware of the global environmental issues at hand, and is on the same page when it comes to following protocols. Emphasize the importance of reducing packaging, and other, waste. Have clearly marked and easily accessible recycling bins. Brainstorm new ways to reuse products and materials. Allow employees to have and share their opinions on ways to improve sustainability. On a personal level, employees must be encouraged to supply their own bags, water bottles, coffee cups, straws, and utensils, to reduce single-use items in all aspects and areas of your company.

Minimal Packaging with a Punch

Aim for attractive but minimalistic packaging. Make sure your package design incorporates sustainability and recyclability. Changing the shape and design of your packaging could be a game-changer, resulting in smaller, lighter boxes to be transported. Custom packaging options from The Packaging Lab are a great choice when it comes to high-quality flexible packaging that is available in adaptable sizes. Lightweight and compact film and pouch packaging is easy to transport. Consider using recycled or recyclable cardboard boxes or multi-use recycled plastic shipping containers that can be transported back and forth to be emptied and refilled. This can become part of the unique service you offer, making sure your carbon footprint is reduced. Shipping materials are often large and heavy but if you investigate all options you will find more sustainable and lightweight options, which in turn will save your business money. 

Shredding and Baling

The three Rs are very important in all areas of sustainability: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Invest in an industrial shredder for almost anything made of fiber. This shredded material can then be used to fill packaging boxes or crates to protect your product. 

Another great investment is a cardboard baler. This compresses cardboard waste into small, compact, easily recyclable bales. This reduction in volume saves on storage space, as well as on the cost of waste disposal.

Use excess cardboard boxes for the storage of office equipment. Every item needs to be analysed before it is tossed in the garbage: how can it be reused or recycled?

Forward Thinking

Efficient planning and demand forecasting also assists in minimizing packaging waste by ensuring you cut back on products, energy, time, and money. Ensure that all vendors and partners within your supply chain are on the same page with regards to strategies and initiatives to become more sustainable. Keep looking for new tactics, adapt current ones, and share your progress and successes to keep all parties interested, engaged, and focused. 

If a customer compares two brands, they will most likely choose the one with less packaging, realizing that they have a more sustainable outlook for future generations. 

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