How to sell a mobile business app idea

by Josh Biggs in Business on 8th December 2021

Apps are only as effective as their accessibility. The brutal truth of marketing: Regardless of the quality of the campaign, only accessibility makes it successful. In order to ensure the profitability of your mobile app, you need to invest in a well-designed mobile marketing strategy that, if used correctly, can result in hundreds or even thousands of downloads.

1.    You must know your target audience

If you haven’t already identified your primary audience, you’ll never meet your sales plan. First, figure out who your app is intended for and then start the development process. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Age range
  • Interests
  • Technical knowledge
  • Area/Sphere

2.    Use keywords

Openness in the App Store is an important factor when launching an app. At least 63% of iOS users find apps organically, and 83% of all iOS apps are “zombie apps” that are essentially invisible in organic AppStore searches. This data underscores the importance of keyword usage and optimization. The goal is to drive as much organic traffic to your site and app as possible by studying industry trends and staying on top of the latest ArrStore optimization strategies.

3.    Build an online presence.

Engage in expanding your app’s online presence by showcasing it on your website and incorporating it into other marketing channels. You can even work on building your own website for the app. Here are a few ideas:

Landing pages. Dedicate a page on the front-end of your website to the mobile app. Include download links or scannable QR codes that lead visitors directly to the app store. In addition to simply listing the features, emphasize app benefits such as savings and insider information. Screenshots and promo videos are also worth paying attention to.

Blog articles. In the run-up to the launch, post regular updates and research on your company’s blog. After the launch, continue to share the latest updates regarding app features and user ideas to catch the attention of new customers.

Banners. Place interactive banners on your website that contain relevant information, a download link, or a blog post on the app release.

Email messages. Add regular emails for app updates. You can use content from your landing page and restructure it to work into your marketing campaign.

4.    Plan your app launch

  • A well-planned app launch can result in a large number of downloads.
  • Mark the day on your calendar and start promoting the official launch day to your current and potential customers.
  • Create some media hype around this date by promising exclusive offers and continuing to post teasers.
  • When launch day arrives, announce special offers to first-time users.
  • Before you know the result, you’ll already have hundreds of customers with your app in their hands.

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