How To Start A Business With SMS Marketing?

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 3rd March 2021

Between 2015 to 2017, SMS Marketing faded away because of the boom in Digital Marketing. Every individual was discussing Digital Marketing and people were considering that SMS Marketing is not beneficial. But from 2018, again businessmen apprehend the value of SMS Marketing and give attention to it. Now, every company is eager to spend on SMS Marketing.

Let’s talk about some major points that are essential to begin a business with SMS Marketing. 

Ways to start a business with SMS Marketing:

If you are starting a business with very low funds, then SMS Marketing is the most convenient method to start the business. As it requires very low funding, so, you can easily afford it. Plus, it provides more engagement rate as compared to other digital marketing techniques.

Now it’s time to come to our main topic that is ways to start a business with SMS Marketing.

  1. Provide customer support by SMS

Use SMS Marketing to save your and your consumers time. By using SMS Marketing, you can quickly answer their queries. It will not only improve customer relationships but also increase the trustworthiness of your brand.

  1. Content promotion using SMS

Via SMS marketing or text marketing, you can promote your content to your customers who want to hear from you from time to time. You can promote any type of content related to your business but make your content engaging and trustworthy, don’t scam.

  1. Organize text-to-win contest

These kinds of contests are most popular nowadays and interesting to play. Amazon and Flipkart use this tactic frequently to increase their customers. By doing so, you will get more customers and customers will get prizes. In the end, both parties are happy. 

  1. Automatic text Campaigns

With automatic text campaigns, you can save your time and energy. But to run this campaign you need to write your messages earlier and schedule them. And these messages will deliver automatically in case of a sale, user subscription, and so on. This technique will help you to grow your business and will also increase the customer engagement rate. You can set up your campaigns by using a bulk text service.

  1. Send polls and surveys through SMS Marketing

Conduct polls and surveys for your customers through SMS to get their feedback. This is the most convenient way to collect the data of the user. On the other hand, if you ask your customer to go online and fill the form, then they are less likely to open it. 

  1. Control deals via SMS

Mid-sized or small businesses need to keep an eye on the orders or deals to give the best deal to their customers. To attract more customers, you can send them SMS of flash sales or custom orders.

Point to remember

There are many marketing techniques available in the market to confuse you. But make sure that you are picking the best marketing technique for your business. If you are just starting in the business, then use the most appropriate approach to reach your customer and build your brand value. 

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