How to start a Successful Carpet Cleaning Business

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 28th May 2021

Having clean rugs and carpets creates a welcoming environment at home and offices. Commercial real estate owners and homeowners depend on carpet cleaners for carpet cleaning services. There is an excellent opportunity for the carpet cleaning business in most states in the US.

If you want to venture into this niche, first understand how it is started. This article will provide a few crucial tips to consider before launching a carpet cleaning business.

Have a Business Plan

This is the very first step of starting any business. A business plan will provide you with many details about your business goals and how to achieve them using the available resources. The plan can be detailed or broad since you can always revisit it as the business grows with a shift in your goals and resources.

In addition to a business plan, you will also need to plan on your expenses. Know your cash-in-hand and how much additional funds you might require. Calculate the relevant startup cost and any expected daily expenses.

Get Trained and Certified Staff

You will require good carpet cleaning experience before marketing your services. Institutions like the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification will equip you with the necessary knowledge to venture into this business.

Register the Business

Now that you have some carpet cleaning experience, it is time to acquire licenses and permits for your business. You may contact your local town clerk office to get some knowledge on the licensing and permit requirements for your type of business.

You can then decide on a business entity and register accordingly. A sole proprietorship is ideal since it does not require any state registration. However, you will be responsible for your business’ liabilities, and your personal property can be sued.

Open a Business Bank Account

Opening a bank account for the business is vital since it separates your finances and business finances. The account also protects your assets from any legal issue related to your business.

Getting Insurance for the business

First, consider general liability insurance to protect the business against potential claims like property damage or bodily injury. You might also consider taking a worker’s compensation and state disability insurance if you have an assisting staff.

Gather the Necessary Tools

You will need the right equipment before starting your carpet cleaning business. You might require a steam carpet cleaner, industrial vacuum cleaner, and detergents to begin with. As the company expands, you may consider having other tools like carpet rakes, deodorizers, odor and stains removers, among other cleaning tools.

Outsource the Necessary Software

In all service fields, it is highly recommended that a company should outsource the best field service management software like Workiz to aid in job scheduling and payment facilitation. Carpet cleaning services is an example of field services that require the best software based on needs and expectations.

Fund the Business

It is necessary to set aside a considerable amount of cash to cover startup costs and daily expenses once you have launched your business. You can rely on personal loans, personal savings, or borrowing from family and friends as a source of your business money.

Market the Business

You have to market your carpet cleaning business so that you have a constant workflow. You can start with serving your friends and neighbors. If they are content with your business, they are likely to spread the word further. As the business progress, you may consider marketing it using digital methods.


That is it! You now have some tips about how you can start a successful carpet cleaning business. Consider consulting other carpet cleaning companies to gain more tips. Also, using service management software like Workiz will make your business more decent.

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