How To Use Chatbots In Social Media Marketing

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 10th September 2019

In the near future, if the technology predictions about the use of chatbots come into practice, it will surely shift the paradigm of marketing. We are close to the time where people are starting to recognize the use of chatbots as a proper marketing tool because of their efficiency to provide customers the service they need at all times.

Chatbots are programs that are built to automatically engage any messages it receives. It can also be programmed to respond the same way to each message or to respond differently to messages containing a certain keyword. The best feature of chatbots is that it provides a more personal engagement with the user, enhancing the user experience.

The use of chatbots in social media marketing focuses on the efficiency of how it automates your customer service on any social media platform. Since you won’t be available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, it’s best to know the benefits of using chatbots. Thus. here are some ways you can utilize chatbots for social media marketing.

Automated Customer Service

The main use of chatbots in social media marketing the automated customer service, given that millennials are larger consumer base there is today. Chatbots will be able to satisfy the tech-savvy generation while they’re surfing the web by providing them content and on-demand personalized offers.

Another important factor of automated customer service is that the Question-Answering system found in chatbots enable them to answer important questions. Further, the artificial intelligence that’s part of the chatbot is able to gain insights from conversations with the user and uses this knowledge to answer further questions.

Given that machine learning gave chatbots the capability to converse with customers similar to human interaction can greatly improve your business. For instance, Messenger chatbots  in the Facebook marketplace can help you sell your products and services by sending group messages to your loyal customers.

Improved Access to Data

Artificial intelligent chatbots have a learning algorithm that makes it more realistic and smarter over time after every command or question you give it. Further, chatbots’ machine learning feature allows it to expand the database that allows it to learn and develop their algorithm to provide users with precise information.

Since they can monitor any consumer’s post on social media platforms and collects their data. Chatbots are able to adapt to each consumer and provide them with relevant content based on the websites that they frequently visit or keyword search queries.

Spreading to Multiple Platforms

The most popular chatbots are the ones found in Facebook Messenger. However, businesses and companies are developing chatbots that they can utilize in other social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Skype, and others.

The reason for spreading to multiple platforms through chatbots is so that businesses can extend their reach to target audiences on other social media platforms. Keep in mind that not every online user has an account on all social media platforms. That way, businesses can establish a more effective way to communicate with customers.


The application of artificial intelligence assistants in social media marketing makes it more efficient and effective for digital marketers to improve their products and services. The capabilities of chatbots due to the innovation of technology is still a work in progress. Chatbots will also continue to evolve to provide customers the best user experience and customer service support they need.

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