How To Use LinkedIn For Beginners

by megan rose in Tips on 14th September 2018

If people know how to use the LinkedIn account properly, it can be useful as a powerful online tool. This can be used as a social network and most of the cases it is used for the businesses. Anyways, it is also a successful platform for individuals, internet marketers, and bloggers if they used in a proper way.

What is LinkedIn?

It is a social network, specially designed for business colleagues and business. Another word is that it can be used by anyone for their purposes, but not just for business. People can use it as a personal communication with others the identical interests or others in the related line of industry. People can use LinkedIn as a business assistant or as people running their own blog or website.

How to create a LinkedIn profile

There are a few major steps for the beginners, before creating a professional profile.

1. Build professional LinkedIn Profile

Professionals keep in mind, LinkedIn is not like a Facebook to share all the personal data with the audience, it is a professional network and use to build professional contacts. People can share the data regarding the professional usage, not personal usage. Here the user should update the professional photo, and give the proper data regarding work experience.

*Personal details

People should give some personal data and at least mention one URL that links their profile back to their website. This URL link enables them to receive helpful link juice and right from LinkedIn. Initially, login to the LinkedIn, after that click on the Navigation that arrives on every page.

2. Create useful connections

The LinkedIn user can create the useful connections, there are 3 kinds of connections are available in the LinkedIn.

a. Professional Contacts

The profile holder should maintain the professional connections in the profile. It will useful to connect with the same area of a field, it will give the good impression in the market. People who have a number of professional connections they should gain the vast knowledge of various industries by seeing the professional posts.

b. Client Contacts

Whatever is the connection kind the main motive is to connect with the professionals. The other social media and Facebook are higher informal, and people will notice that several clients who would never hit their business page/Facebook fan, or also Google+ business page, will believe a LinkedIn Connection offer.

c. Personal Contacts

The profile holder should maintain a contact with their friends and family who have a LinkedIn account. But these contacts should follow in a professional manner, not like Facebook and other social networks.
If the person gets the request from an individual, before accepting it they should make sure is it useful to them or not? and also consider that their profile too.

3. Write a brief summary

The LinkedIn profile holder should give a brief description of their work experience. It is not too lengthy, give the summary clearly and truthfully. It will useful to get a good impression from the companies. The summary will tell about the candidate, where they worked? what kind of the work are they doing? etc.,

4. Add skills

The skill set is a major advantage in LinkedIn profile, It should say about the professional expert in. It may be related to the technical or management or something. If they provide their expertise in, the companies will see whether the profile is suitable to their requirement or not. So, the profile holder should add the minimum skills.

5. List out the education

Education qualifications must be entered in the profile. From higher education qualification to lower education qualification along with the education institutions names. This is useful for the profile holder as well as companies. The companies selection process for the freshers is majorly depended on the educational institutions and percentage of marks.

6. Provide contact information

The LinkedIn profile holders should give the proper email id, the email id are professional. If they generate name with initial is the good professional email id. Majority of the people will connect on LinkedIn, but in some cases, they will send or call.


These are the major steps to follow the beginners, who don’t have any work experience. Creating a LinkedIn profile is easy but before creating a profile a few things the user should keep in mind and follow according to that. If any company is viewing the profile it should be attractive, for this the user no need to keep the colorful picture and all, it should be in a professional manner. Give the proper information in an appropriate manner. The companies will attract easily and they consider the profile. So, the users should prepare their profiles in a professional way.

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