The Importance of Business Name Registration

by Josh Biggs in Business on 3rd June 2021

A business name is what describes a brand or organization. Without it, your target audiences have no idea what your company is all about. Also, a company without this cannot operate as a legal enterprise. It is why you do not only have to come up with a name for your brand; you have to get it registered.

There are several benefits of getting your company name registered. These benefits will be laid out to you as you continue your read. Businesses, whether large or small, must get their name registered. 

However, small enterprises might question this. They might feel there is little need to register their startup. It might seem like getting this done is not so much a necessity. 

However, studies show that it is highly essential. Success in your venture depends on how the market perceives you, and it starts by identifying what you stand for. You can register your business name at Fusion Formations without any hassles. You may want to research other service providers if you want one in your region. 

Below are the best reasons why business name registration is essential:

It Puts Your Company on Record

One of the most significant advantages of having a business name registered is claiming ownership of it. It means that your company is on record and that someone else cannot register a brand name similar to yours. As soon as your brand is recorded, it is protected by the state. This means that it is reserved only for you.

You might not even plan to kick start operations right away. It might be that you want it recorded so as it can be available to you whenever you are ready. It is a great idea. Once business registration is completed, you can go on to further restrict its usage. You can do this by opting for a trademark or trade name. This entirely restricts its usage. It means that no one anywhere can legally use your brand name.

Protects You from Liability Accident


Getting your company’s title on record protects you from liability accidents. Once your brand is incorporated, no entity can go after your personal asset. This means that using the company due to an injury will only invite punitive damage from the organization’s assets. This would not interfere with the owner’s personal assets. It means that the owner’s fund is protected.

Most organizations get insurance coverage in case a situation like this occurs. And keep in mind that companies that are registered are more insurable than those that are not. The reason for this is because incorporated firms have little risk attached to them.

To Become a Professional Entity

Yes, being incorporated allows your enterprise to become professional. As they say, the first impression matters a lot. As a provider, been incorporated means that people can trust your product and services. Someone would not want to purchase goods from an entity that is not incorporated.

Before people make purchases now, they do research. They research their providers to look for the ones that are established, and registering your business allows you to achieve this feat. Being registered means that you are not after making fast cash. It means that you want to become a legitimate enterprise. It means that you take the business field seriously and want to maintain integrity.

You Get Access to Funding

Did you know that when your enterprise is incorporated, you can get access to funding? This is, in fact, a significant benefit of getting a company registered. It increases your chances of gaining access to funding sources. Loans become accessible to you compared to applying on personal terms.

Since you are incorporated, your documents will prove that you are a legal business. What this does for you is to tell your lender that you are credible and reliable. Your investors or money lender will want to enter business with you. Other terms and conditions have to be met. However, partnering with an investor is highly possible being a registered company.

You Get Lower Taxes

Of course, you get lower taxes as a registered business. Once you set up a business, you have the option of running it as an individual. You also have the option of incorporating that business. 

When you run your organization as an individual, you are not allowed tax deduction on expenses incurred when running your enterprise. For example, the expenses you incurred on rent, internet connections, and phone calls are not accounted for. These expenses are deemed personal. So, tax deduction does not apply.

Whereas, as a registered firm, you get lower taxes. This is because all the expenses incurred when running your industry would be added as company expenses. So, tax deductions will be applied.

Allows for Longevity

Registering your company name means that your company can live as long as forever. Once a company is incorporated, its name will live longer than that of the business owner. 

This means that regardless of who takes over the company, the name lives on. This is the reason why it is a good idea to think of your company name carefully. Do thorough research. Find one that tells a story.

Better Hiring of Employees

When your company is incorporated, it can hire full-time employees. You pay your staff salaries and other benefits to work for you. The aim is to grow your enterprise. 

You also have the opportunity to hire interns to work for your organization. These interns will not cost you money. They only provide you services, so as you can give them excellent recommendations. You can check here for tips on hiring the best staff. 

Allows You to Take Business Trips to Other Countries

Only if a company is registered can it obtain a business trip visa. This allows that individual or company to visit foreign countries to do business. You get to meet and partner with foreign investors that are willing to invest in your enterprise.

All countries are always welcoming of foreign investors. This is because foreign investment is always good for their economy.

Final Note

You get lots of benefits when you register your business name. The most important one is that it puts your company on record. This means that your setup is a legal one. Also, being incorporated means, you get lower taxes, more access to funding, and better hiring.

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