Important Things To Know About Debt Consolidation Loans: Time to Get Out of Debts

by Josh Biggs in Finance on 12th May 2021

Do you have a myriad of debts that are giving you trouble trying to follow their payment schedules? Are high-interest loans piling up fast, raising the cost of credit, and threatening to push you deeper into debt? If yes, using a debt consolidation plan might come in handy to not only get you out of debt but also start a new journey to financial freedom. 

When you decide to go for debt consolidation, many lenders will be willing to get you the funds, but it can be challenging to identify the best. The main objective should be picking the lender with the best conditions, such as low-interest rates and no hidden loan charges. This is why you should work with the best lender comparison sites, such as Lendela. 

Debt Consolidation: How Does It Work?

Before we can look at how to use debt consolidation, it is important to start by understanding what it is. Debt consolidation plan is a type of debt refinancing program that allows borrowers to combine their debts balances owed to different institutions into a single loan. This implies that you will ultimately only have to deal with one loan from one institution as opposed to multiple lenders. 

At this point, it is crucial to mention that a debt consolidation loan is a form of unsecured credit, implying that no collateral will be required to get it approved. Therefore, you will not be risking your assets, such as a house or car, if you find it challenging to pay the loan.

Four Unique Ways Debt Consolidation can Help You with Your Debts 

The main benefit that comes from debt consolidation is being able to roll multiple debts into a single debt. However, getting a debt consolidation plan from a good lender can come with the following additional advantages: 

  • Helping you to develop good financial discipline. 
  • Improving your credit score. 
  • Protecting your assets. 
  • Getting advice on financial management from experts. 

What if You Do Not Qualify for Debt Consolidation Loan?

If you fail to qualify for debt consolidation for one reason or anotherit is still possible to roll out multiple debts through a personal loan. Unlike consolidation loans which can only go into clearing the previous debts, personal loans are more flexible. Here, you are free to use the cash as you want, but it is crucial to be extra careful because the money will need to be repaid. 

To use a personal loan to clear existing debts, consider starting by listing all the current debts to determine the amount to borrow. If you wish, it is also possible to include secured loans because the personal loan has no limitations. Consider negotiating with lenders for better terms because you are repaying the debts early. Finally, clear the debts and start repaying the personal loan. 

Use Lendela to Apply for Debt Consolidation Loan

When you are applying for a debt consolidation plan, it is important to appreciate that it is just like any other form of credit. Therefore, you need to ensure that the right lender is selected and the best way to do this is using experts. At Lendela, the main objective is to remove the complexities of applying for DCP, allowing you to complete the process in only a few steps: 

  • Visit Lendela website to make your application for debt consolidation loan. 
  • Receive offers from different lenders. 
  • Compare the offers and pick the preferred option online. 
  • Lendela books you an appointment with the selected lender, and you sign off the loan. 

Using debt consolidation can be a great method of addressing your debts issue. In addition to enjoying the ease of dealing only with one debt institution, it is important to avoid falling back into debts. Simply put – a debt consolidation loan can help you to start a new and more enjoyable financial journey.  

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