Instagram and YouTube. Which is easier to start? Where is it easier to make money?

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 5th June 2021

The Internet is brimming with a variety of earning opportunities and ideas for self-expression. Today, it’s hard to imagine an entrepreneur who wants to attract as many clients as possible to his business and doesn’t have an account in one of the most popular social networks. For example, such as YouTube.

Video bloggers make tens and some make hundreds of thousands of dollars a month through YouTube and Instagram.

How difficult is it to achieve such a figure from a “clean slate,” and is it too late to become a video blogger? What does the income of a YouTube channel depend on, and what is the difference between earning on YouTube, Instagram?

The world’s largest video platform introduces its viewer to a wide variety of channels on any subject. Successful YouTubers, who lead channels with a million audience and a huge number of video views, know firsthand that it’s hard to keep subscribers interested, and sometimes they have to resort to various strategies to promote their channel outside of the YouTube platform.

One of the ways to develop the popularity of your channel is to simultaneously maintain several accounts on different social networks. Among Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat, Instagram stands out for its steadily growing popularity. Instagram and YouTube share the common goal of sharing visual content, which makes them a great combination for effectively promoting a business. 

So, in this article, we’ll compare these two most popular social networks and see what the advantages of each are, and most importantly, how to make the most of their symbiosis. 

Let’s start with Instagram. To promote on this network, you need to invest a lot of time before you earn something. Good advertisers will not appear quickly, you have to earn credibility and prove that you will make a difference.

As for YouTube, each video will bring you revenue for years, just gaining views. You don’t have to find advertisers and you don’t have to find them yourself. The network does it for you. Gain your first 1000 subscribers and start monetizing your content at ease.

It takes a tremendous amount of knowledge in a certain field to become in-demand to run Instagram properly. No one needs food and personal life photos anymore, unless you’re a celebrity, of course. Your blog needs to be expert and informative. This social network is first and foremost about the visual picture. Even looking at the Instagram logo, it is immediately clear what attention is paid to visual design. 

But even a schoolboy can start YouTube. The main thing is to have a great desire and the Internet at hand. Special knowledge and professionalism are not required here.

It’s hard to find a free niche on Instagram. But on the other hand, on YouTube, you can break into any niche and become the best in it. Instagram is most often limited to your personality. On YouTube, you can build a brand from the ground up. There’s a reason why the social network uses a bright red YouTube logo because it’s the color of power and opportunity. 

To make money on Instagram you need a lot of subscribers and your product, which you will promote. It is obligatory to invest in advertising to promote yourself.

On Youtube, the income will already go from 1000 subscribers. The platform will take care of everything and you do not have to look for advertisers. You don’t have to invest in promotion, you can get views and subscribers organically.

Instagram, on the other hand, is easier to start. Writing sales posts is much easier than making videos.

YouTube, on the other hand, is a little more difficult. Many people are afraid to show themselves on camera, embarrassed about their voice, don’t know how to edit, and so on. But all that is nothing compared to the benefits and earnings on YouTube.

A prerequisite for the successful existence of any account is regular content posting.

It is always important for the fans of a particular YouTube channel to know when a new video will be released on it. Take the time to make a content plan for your channel, and choose an exact time for posting. It’s much better if your videos are posted to your channel on a specific day and hour, rather than randomly.

In your Instagram account, you can also post snippets and screenshots of your upcoming YouTube video with a reminder of when it will be published on your channel, thereby generating public interest.

Hopefully, this comparison will inspire someone to start their channel. Especially now, when many people are out of work and wondering what to do and how to make extra money. It’s about time!

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