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Integrating Cloud Automation for Seamless Digital Transformation

by Josh Biggs in Software on 23rd March 2020

Digital transformation involves solving complex problems of the modern world, using advanced tech approaches, instead of the traditional methods. For instance, moving your business operations and data to the cloud is a step towards digital transformation.

The cloud is key to a seamless digital transformation. It enables end-to-end service delivery to customers and efficient adaptation of business operations to ever-evolving market changes.

The US is operating at about 18% of its digital potential. The latest reports suggest that 70% of businesses here aim at implementing cloud-based digital transformation strategies over the next two years.

Using flexible cloud computing solutions is one of the methods that offer reliability and security to businesses. Cloud automation services assist in offloading the cloud computing needs of organizations. These services handle the technicalities of managing cloud solutions for various companies. It allows firms to focus more on their business goals and sales.

Let us see how integrating cloud-based automation can accelerate a seamless digital transformation.

Reduced Cost

Businesses opting for automation on a cloud platform can omit the expenses incurred while maintaining their automation tools and hardware. They would have seen higher costs, owing to pricey procedures like installation, troubleshoot, and upgrading equipment. In terms of the full cost of ownership, cloud-based automation has proven to be comparatively economical.

Further, the costs to migrate from traditional to cloud-based business models are exceptionally low.

Improved Security

The latest studies suggest that 90% of businesses who adapted to cloud solutions, observed enhanced security. Collaborating with cloud-hosting and service providers ensures additional resources dedicated to maintaining physical and network security. 

Moreover, the cloud solutions are highly secure, augmenting stringent data confidentiality for your business. These hosting options encrypt the data and offer a dedicated account, specifically for your data.

Freedom to Work from Any Device

Unlike traditional automation software, the cloud-based automation software can work well on any device, including smartphones. The only requirement for the latter is a capable web browser. Thus, you can access these cloud solutions remotely, irrespective of the device you use, owing to their active, responsive design.

Continuous Innovation and Business Growth

The cloud-based automation offers myriad opportunities for innovation and growth. It enables firms to tap the offerings of sophisticated technologies like the AI and ML, with the existing network infrastructure.

Furthermore, you need not manually upgrade the cloud-based automation software on your device. The cloud platform service providers ensure you use the updated version, releasing upgrades with new features, eventually enhancing the business efficiency.


Once you start working with cloud automation tools, in due course, complex, cumbersome data gets accumulated. In such scenarios, organizations need not worry about increasing localized drive space to store the large data set.

These powerful tools function on extensively scalable platforms, solving the limited space situation. A cloud-based centralized data management effectively reduces manual efforts to handle the storage of such large data volumes.

The technology is growing exponentially. Businesses should work towards seamless digital transformation, to stay ahead of competitors. There is no better way than tapping the endless benefits of dynamic cloud-based solutions to achieve the desired business sales and productivity.

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