Investments in Trade 2022: How to Make It?

by Josh Biggs in Finance on 23rd May 2022

Trade has been since immemorial time and remains the most popular line of business. In order to start trading, you do not need a large starting capital and some super-skills. Today it is not so difficult to open an online store, find suppliers and sell almost any product. The most basic thing in trading is to be in trend, take into account the current economic situation, as well as the spread of COVID-19, and sell the most demanded goods. 

In order to develop your business, will help you choose a niche for the development of a trading business, in turn, experienced entrepreneurs will be able to draw from it several ideas for compiling an actual assortment of goods. 

Commission Equipment 

Due to the decrease in purchasing power, not every consumer today has the money to buy new equipment. In this case, many are rescued by an alternative – used gadgets in good condition at a more affordable price. Which commission equipment will be in the greatest demand: 

  • mobile phones of popular brands – iPhone, Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung; 
  • laptops and computers – Asus, HP, Apple, Acer; 
  • game consoles and accessories – Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo; 
  • gadgets – portable acoustics, action cameras, fitness bracelets, smart watches, routers; 
  • TV, audio and video equipment – TVs, home theaters, players, computer acoustics.

You can buy used equipment through websites and bulletin boards, Internet forums, auctions. The main thing is to carefully check the condition of the devices and not take frank trash. 

Healthy Sweets 

Healthy desserts are a continuation of the previous trend. You can deal with them separately or simply add this category to the assortment of a general grocery store. Among healthy sweets in 2022, increased demand will continue for: 

  • nuts and dried fruits; 
  • granola; 
  • cereal bars; 
  • frips (fruit chips); 
  • marshmallow and marmalade.

The first option is to buy sweets from different suppliers. The second is to launch the production of our own sweets. For example, fruit marshmallow, homemade jam, peanut butter, natural nut candies, dried fruits and honey. 

Accessories for Bloggers 

Blogging is a super popular trend in recent years. Now bloggers are starting to approach the management of their accounts more consciously and responsibly. And in this regard, a special technique is in great demand: 

  • microphones for phones and cameras; 
  • action cameras; 
  • vlog frames, holders; 
  • tripods, monopods; 
  • mounting strips, heads.

This product will complement the assortment of the online store of household appliances, electronics. You can also open a separate profile store. 

Auto Accessories

And the last relevant business idea in our review is auto products. Demand for cars in previous years has dipped somewhat. But consumables and accessories did not buy worse from this. 

List of top sellers in the niche: 

  • fog lights; 
  • video recorders; 
  • radar detectors; 
  • navigators, parking sensors; 
  • audio systems, radio tape recorders; 
  • air fresheners, ionizers.

You can also add a section of spare parts for cars of various popular brands to the catalog. 


We have not listed all the products that will be popular this year. The rest is up to you. You need to follow the latest market news and pay attention to bestsellers. This will allow you to always be one step ahead of your competitors and get more profit. 

In order to maintain high conversion rates, study current market trends, regularly update and adjust the assortment. Also, do not forget about competent promotion. 

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