Is it Possible to Know My Children’s Location Without Them Knowing?

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 13th March 2021

Letting your children go outside to play with their friends in the neighborhood makes you their favorite parent. If they’re teens, you can even permit them to visit their buddies who live miles away.  

However, knowing where the kids are and who they hang out with is what makes you a great parent. You can’t just take a teenager’s words for it. It’s easy to track the kid’s location if they have a smartphone. 

A location tracker is handy to keep a constant eye on your children’s movements and ensure their safety. It also helps to disclose the truth behind your son/daughter’s recent change in behaviors. Read on for more information:

Part 1: How to Find Out My Child’s Location Without Detection

Do you doubt that your kid is messing up and want to discover their favorite spots in town? Do you want a straightforward way to track their cell phone location, but you don’t know where to start? Worry no more! We have you covered.

Spyine – The Most Discreet Phone Location Tracker 

Likely, you haven’t heard of the Spyine software before. Nonetheless, you’ll be glad that you finally found it today.

Spyine is one of the best parental control apps with millions of downloads. It’s already in use across 190+ countries. Even renowned online media channels like Mac World, Forbes, and Tom’s Guide have endorsed it many times.

Besides allowing you to watch over your kids’ whereabouts, the software collects other useful information. You’ll see apps that they’ve installed, monitor how they use social media, check web browser activities, and much more.

And the coolest part? The Spyine program doesn’t ask you to root your target’s Android device or jailbreak their iPhone/iPad. It’s an exclusive capability that allows you to monitor your loved ones without compromising their phone’s security.  

Check out the Spyine free live demo to comprehend what it does and how it works without you having to acquire complex programming skills. 

What Can I Achieve with Spyine’s Location Tracker?

It’s not tricky to track your kid’s phone GPS location with Spyine. The web service helps you to stay on top of things as it provides real-time data. You can know where they are now and where they were in the last hour, a day or a week ago. 

Even better, the app provides the exact coordinates along with timestamps so that you can know when they visited certain places. 

Another relevant feature of Spyine that comes in handy when you want to keep tabs on your child’s movements is the Geo-fence. It gives you the chance to set geographical boundaries so that you get notified each time they’re out of the perimeter. 

Part 2: How to Know About My Kid’s Phone Location Discreetly

To learn how Spyine functions without your child ever noticing that you’re watching all their movements, let’s take a peek into how it operates on iOS and Android. 

  • For iOS 

If your kid has an iPhone, you can track their phone location without installing any application on their device. 

Spyine achieves that by working indirectly with the smartphone. Instead, it uses the inbuilt iCloud backup feature to extract the required data and give real-time updates of your child’s iOS device activities. 

You’ll only need the details of your kid’s iCloud account to access their phone’s data remotely and at any time of the day. 

  • For Android

If your child’s phone runs on Android, Spyine will require you to download and install its 2MB software on the kid’s mobile device. However, you don’t have to worry about them discovering the app’s presence. 

Once the Spyine app installs successfully on your kid’s phone, it uses cutting-edge innovations to run silently in stealth mode. It also gives you the option to get rid of the app icon, and only you can retrieve it with a secret code.

Besides, the software consumes minimal phone resources to prevent the kid from suspecting its existence. And if you feel like stopping your location tracking in the future, you can use the single-click button on your dashboard to uninstall the app.

Part 3: Why is Spyine the # One Phone Location Finder Online?

The following are things that make Spyine the best phone location tracker in the industry:

Easy to Setup and Use 

It only needs five minutes of your precious time to set up Spyine. Once everything is ready, you can access your account instantly. The application’s features are all present on the left side menu of your dashboard.

Web-Based Interface 

Spyine allows remote phone location tracking since it’s entirely online-based. It opens up in any web browser, meaning you’ll use it on your phone and computer. You can also know where your child is from any place in the world. 

Stealth Mode 

As mentioned before, Spyine functions in stealth mode at all times. In either iOS or Android phone tracking, your child can’t detect anything. You’ll remain anonymous while getting updates all round-the-clock.

100% Safe and Secure 

One of Spyine’s primary objective is data security. The app is safe from viruses and doesn’t contain any malware. Besides, Spyine never caches your data on its servers, and nobody has access to what you do with your account. 


Spyine’s prices are flexible and very affordable. You’’ get surprised at the number of features it offers at such low rates. 


Today, it isn’t challenging to track your child’s cell phone location. It’s, however, critical that you ensure they never realize you’re monitoring their movements. That can lead to distrust and may end up ruining your relationship. 

We highly recommend that you try out Spyine and know what your kids are up to without worrying about them ever finding out. 

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