Is Your Marketing Lacking Creativity? Check Out These Ideas

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 19th November 2019

Making your business or brand stand out in the modern world is a challenge, especially if your marketing is lacking the necessary grunt to gain traction in a crowded, competitive space.

To address this, here are a few creative ideas to help sell your products and services that should click with contemporary audiences and give you the edge over your nearest rivals.

Invest in promotional products

Building a brand identity is challenging, especially if you are entirely focused on your digital marketing efforts. However, it still makes sense to snap up promotional products which are customised to feature your logo, tagline and information.

There are a huge range of different bespoke products to pick, ranging from reusable coffee cups to USB thumb drives and beyond.

While it might seem like a short term solution with mere novelty appeal, a promotional product which you hand out at conferences, provide to clients and visitors as a gift or give to employees for personal use can actually have a long term impact. If the product is practical, it will be taken out again and again, allowing your branding to be seen by a wide audience.

Tell a story on social media

Engaging with prospective customers and clients on social media is hard work, but offers big rewards for those that optimise the content they post to make meaningful connections with followers.

One of the best ways to achieve this is to think of your social media marketing in terms of a narrative, rather than a one-off promotional post.

Whether you choose to tell the story of a day in the life of your organisation, or focus on the journey taken by your products as they go from design stage to manufacturing to distribution, constructing posts around a narrative framework is seriously sensible.

Run creative competitions

Brands which choose to market themselves using customer competitions no longer need to merely rely on bland giveaways to get people interested. In the age of the internet, encouraging customers to get creative in order to participate in a promotion is both straightforward and valuable.

From getting people to submit ideas for products and services to asking them to come up with a video to market your business, there are tons of options in this area and many of the biggest brands around have adopted this approach to great effect.

As customers what they want

Once again you can harness social media to great effect if you actively seek out the opinions of customers, clients and followers on the kinds of marketing content that they most want to see from your business.

Whether you run Twitter polls or Q&A sessions on Instagram, taking a crowd-sourced approach to developing marketing strategies is entirely possible today.

It may seem counter intuitive to essentially ask for pre-emptive feedback on a campaign that you have yet to craft, but the point here is that people are more willing than ever to give their opinions to brands, so it makes sense to use this to your advantage.

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