Jobvite – Leading Recruitment Industry raises $200M+ for Expansion

by megan jones in News on 14th February 2019

Jobvite – Recruitment industry was co-founded by Jesper Schultz and Hans Larsen in 2006 with headquarters located at San Francisco is leading the Next wave of Recruitment Innovation with Continuous Candidate Engagement Platform (CCE). Using CCE a candidate-centric recruitment model is set up which helps the companies to engage their candidates with exact experiences at the correct time in the most appropriate way right from the First look to the First day. Jobvite believes that Talent is the first and most important thing that drives growth and ultimate Competitive advantage. Jobvite helps its customers in staying a step ahead in the competitive market by expediting the entire process of recruitment – from Sourcing talent to Onboarding new employees.


In the Private Equity Round of funding with K1 investment management as the sole lead investor, Jobvite has raised more than $200M. Dan Finnigan, the CEO of Jobvite, these funds will be utilized for acquiring 3 smaller companies currently focussing in the field of the recruitment – Talemetry (Specializes in recruitment marketing), Canvas (Text-Based conversational bot), and RolePoint (Focused on Employee referrals and internal shifts).

Jobvite Recruiting Platform

The recruiting platform of Jobvite infuses Intelligence and Automation in the current recruiting process to increase the quality, speed, and talent acquisitions cost-effectiveness with the following features

  1. Jobvite Hire -ATS
    Jobvite has in-built Automated Intelligence across the journey of the candidate to help them find suitable Interview times Quickly,  Forecast time to fill, automatically Screen and Rank candidates, and also many other for the individuals to make Best Decisions, Save time and in closing hires.
  2. Jobvite Engage
    Jobvite engage helps in engaging candidates with Personalized Communications so that the companies can build strong relations with them and also stay top-of-mind if they are ready to shift. It also helps them to make a great 1st impression and keep the candidates engaged continuously and stay connected to the employer brand.
  3. Jobvite Onboard
    Jobvite employee onboarding forms include forms of standard HR, Employee verification, Tax withholding etc., and all these forms can be completed in a digital manner eliminating Paper filling and Redundant data entry. Jobvite onboarding is the next step to Jobvite Hire in the workflow. For organizations, there will be no need to spend on ongoing maintenance and complex integrations.
  4. Jobvite Brand
    It includes advances capabilities of powerful career website framework, Paired with some professional services which build in the best practices, Based on the experience of building multiple career websites. Apart from this, premium career sites will also work seamlessly across mobile devices, desktops, social platforms, and Internal job boards. It also helps the candidates envision working at the company and watch the rise of the company’s application rates.
  5. Jobvite Video
    It is an On-Demand video screening application tool that enhances, accelerates, builds consistency in the screening process of the application.

Jobvite video being the only video interviewing process available built directly into the ATS makes the experience easy for hiring teams, recruiters, and candidates. It also helps in spending less money for the purpose of traveling while interviewing the candidates out of town. There is also an option to share the recorded responses of the candidates with the hiring team and select the perfect individual.


Since the current recruitment process which is mainly focused on administrative efficiency rather than talent is failing in this modern world, Jobvite being the 1st to deliver on Social Recruiting, Advanced scheduling, Native video interviewing, A recruitment CRM and also the 1st CCE platform has been identified as the Leader in Forrester Wave on Talent acquisition and in IDC Marketscape for Worldwide modern talent acquisition systems.

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