KNACK – Peer tutoring and learning platform raises $1.5M

by megan jones in News on 20th November 2018

Knack – Peer tutoring platform was co-founded by Samyr Qureshi, David Stoker, Dennis Hansen, Shawn Doyle in 2016 at Florida university. The founders came together with a vision to build peer-peer communities which would have greater relevance, enjoyment, and effectiveness than the traditional method of learning environments. This App is accessible on both Android and App store devices.

Today Knack has emerged as one of the fast-growing tutoring platforms for the college students. The main emphasis is on Skills development, workforce readiness, and student retention. In the case of peer learning the interactions with fellow peers doesn’t just highlights the educational development (subject matter) of the student but also improves professional and personal development which helps to attain success in college and workplace.

Funds raised through seed round

Recently, Knack has raised $1.5M from the seed round with precursor ventures and Jeffery Vinik as the lead investors along with other investors namely Bisk ventures, Elysium venture capital, TIE Angels, Elysium Venture capital, Thomas DiBenedetto, ASU. Arizona state university one of the investors for Knack is licensing to increase supplemental help and improve student support. Along with these Knack is working with few Corporate employer sponsors namely ConnectWise and PwC. These corporates, through Knack’s network, are trying to interact with eminent students.

Standards and Procedures of Knack

To keep the community secure and help the user cope up with their Skills and Tutoring services, Knack follows certain standards such as
Academic Integrity
The users use Knack for a legitimate method of learning – No shortcuts. All the Tutors/Course experts agreed to honor their institution’s code and sustain high tutoring standards.
Relevant and Proficient Tutors
Knack certifies all the course experts and ensures that they are recent graduates (or current students) of the university at which they are presently tutoring. And also ensures that the tutors have selected the exact course they opt to tutor.

This particular check guarantees better proficiency and relevance. This made the course experts gain 98% of average rating currently.
Immediate Assistance and Action
The particular feature of Knack where a community team will be available on call 24/7, if a course expert or student has an issue ever to help through web chat, App, text, and phone made Knack most reliable for the users. Through this way, it is easy for the user to give feedback and also for the Knack team to act on it accordingly and resolve the issue immediately.
Community vetting and safety
Course experts and students have confirmed the reviews which provide feedback for each session and help future users for decision making to align with Knack. Usually, interactions are held at the campus or public locations and if at all any other site it will be a mutual concern between both the parties. Naturally, campus libraries – the common arena for students is the place where all sessions are held.

Value for students

Research and reports have proved that peer learning has been more effective than traditional or professional tutoring for students. By being course specific Knack has been ensuring more relevancy while learning. Even if we consider economically also, direct learning from a tutor in person costs more than learning from a course expert. In this way, it is more convenient for the students.

Value for Tutors

Knack provides a great platform for students who are willing to launch, manage, grow, and achieve their own tutoring business. It behaves as the common ground for both students and peers. Since tutoring is so far the best on-campus job for a student to possess, Knack has been providing that. Further, it also helps the tutors to get placed in post graduation and in better employment opportunities.


Since everything is moving digital nowadays, Knack came up with a huge revolutionary thought in the education sector where it’s providing a digital platform to connect and learn through peers. This made tutoring socially acceptable and more accessible and also helps in building communities to empower students in helping each other.

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