Little Known Business English Learning Tips You Should Know

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 24th December 2020

Business English can take you to places. With the English language, you can flawless communicate with the business world and even enhance your career. In that regard, here are quick tips you can leverage on learning business English.


Of course, you can write well. You can speak fluently. However, if you need to represent your business, you should learn Business English. You need to understand other business people. Remember, you will be communicating with people from other countries. So, mastering the art of Business English speaking is key. In most cases, you lack practice when it comes to traditional teaching methods.  Plus, if you don’t have enough time to prepare, business communication can be a nightmare. Even more, anxiety and low confidence can cost you.  Follow these tips and master the art of Business speaking.

The Power of Active Learning

The first step is to practice active learning on a regular basis. Consider learning how to learn. Here, switching from passive to active learning is the way to go. Just like in cooking, practicing active learning will help you master the art of communication. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Don’t strive to be perfect. Start with phone conversations. Go to email writing. Consider attending conferences. Ask that cute girl for an outing. Know how to negotiate. Have clear goals.

Understand Communication Context

Making sense of what you learn is important. Understand the connection between words. Combine words to make sense. Consider learning in context. Using the right word collections is also important. Use combinations of words that flow. They should go together. Use a collections dictionary to help you communicate better.

Use Shadowing To Boost Confidence

If you want to improve that business English of yours, consider practicing shadowing. This technique involves collecting English audios, repeating them, and then listening to them. Here, you will be required to repeat after the narrator or speaker in real-time. Never allow the speaker to go in front. Follow him. Do it as soon as possible. Have a script in place. Read it. Listen to the audio. Repeat it again and again. Of course, it can be easy. However, the goal is to imitate the native English pronunciation. With this technique, you can easily improve that pronunciation, rhythm, as well as intonation. Plus, your English listening skills will tremendously improve. This will also boost your confidence.

Speaking Will Help You Overcome Those Annoying Cultural Barriers

Practice speaking with colleagues. Speak often. Pay close attention to rhythm. The way you speak is important. Go to Facebook groups. Find forums where you can speak freely. Go to conferences. Attend meetings. Meeting and English courses for beginners can also help. Doing so will go along way in improving your English speaking skills. It will eliminate cultural barriers.

The Bottom-Line

The above are tips and tricks you need to leverage on learning business English. From practicing active learning to using the shadowing technique—these are the tips that will make you a business English master.

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