Marketing Tips for Architecture Firms

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 17th August 2019

Nine out of ten architecture firms in the United States are small or micro firms. That means almost all architecture firms are dealing with clients on a personal level, directly, and often don’t want to venture into heavy marketing tactics to get business because it feels not quite right. Don’t let that attitude set in because it can really cost your firm in the end. Even small firms need a true marketing budget and plan in place to succeed. 

Here are five ways to bulk up your marketing success and bring in new clients:


Firm Showcases

Websites are a wealthy area for marketing opportunities. In some ways, your company website is entirely a marketing endeavor where you can let your potential clients know all of the reasons they should call you for an architecture project. When employees have a bachelor of architecture degree or a master of science in architecture, you want your potential clients to know that. Use your valuable firm website to post detailed bios for every single employee you have that brings direct value to the firm and potential and current clients.


Social Media Updates

If you don’t yet have a social media website for your firm, it’s time to create one, even if it means hiring a social media manager to create it for you. Almost every social media service of value is completely free to use and gives you the opportunity to reach out to millions or even billions of customers who might enjoy learning about what your firm is up to every day. Update your social media frequently, and take it very seriously. It’s an almost virtually unlimited source of marketing opportunities, and it’s easy and fun as well.


Lead Generation Services

If your firm doesn’t seem to be bringing in the kind of leads that you want or need, then maybe it’s time to turn to the professionals. Lead generation services exist for the sole purpose of hooking leads for you and making sure that those leads convert to customers. Many architecture firms, both big and small, need a good lead generation company to help them make the most of every opportunity.


Company Newsletter

Current clients you’ve worked with are often your best prospects for future work. They know your skills, your expertise, and your dedication to the job. Reaching out to them through an online newsletter or even print newsletter can help to remind them that you’re there when they need you. It’s yet another opportunity to make a good impression on clients.


Business Cards

Being able to market without a plan, on the fly, is sometimes one of your best chances to attract new business. Business owners often find the conversation turns to what they do for a living, and since the general public often needs architects in everyday life, having a handy business card to hand out is always wise. Promotional products are also another great way to get your brand name out and let people know you’re there when they need your architecture firm.

Don’t overlook any of these tips in your marketing plan. Each one of them helps to build awareness of your brand, keep you in the public eye, and keep your customers connected to the best firm for the job (yours). Even if you’re a small or highly specialized architecture firm, you need to have a lifeline to your customer base in order to remain in business. These simple steps are vital to that mission.

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