Marketing your new app: 4 key tips to consider

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 25th December 2019

Nowadays, simply having a creative idea not enough to create a million-dollar app.

Gone are those days when apps having unique functionalities used to hit the market and completely take it over.

Nowadays, finding an app that doesn’t have tons of alternatives is a rare sight.

This is one of the primary reasons why having a well-curated app marketing strategy has become extremely important and if not as crucial as having a great app development idea.

This is because it’s only a well-planned marketing strategy that can make the new app stand above its future and existing rivals and ensure its long term success.

Let’s have a look at four such factors that you should consider while chalking out your app’s marketing strategy.

(1) The target audience

Every app has a customer base towards which it is specifically targeted towards.

This can be a small niche, as well as a highly generic segment of users.

Finalizing the aptest customer segment simply on the basis of demographics and psychographics is not enough.

App development companies need to ascertain whether their app is capable enough to benefit that particular segment in a differential manner and over a long term period through updates and a good user experience.

Knowing your customers in and out would be extremely beneficial as it subsequently to help you to frame your marketing strategy in a highly specific manner in terms of the channels and strategies.

(2) Having a proactive marketing approach

In this case, having a proactive marketing approach can be defined as commencing with marketing initiatives while your app is still a work in progress.

The main motto of proactive marketing is to spread the word and get more and more people interested in your forthcoming app.

Therefore your motto should be to create marketing content primarily for brand awareness in the form of blogs, social media videos, etc.

The most common forms of pre-launch marketing include writing guest blogs and social media content that can drive traffic to your app’s official website.

Other than this a marketing tactic that is quite prevalent nowadays is podcasts.

Creating podcasts with micro-influencers that are related to your industry is one of the quickest and the most effective ways to create a user base that is genuinely interested in your app.

(3) Analyzing Existing Customers

As succinctly mentioned above, nowadays, it’s almost impossible not to find a competing player in a service category where you are planning to launch your new app.

The manner in which such rivals have come up with their app designing might closely resemble or maybe better than yours.

Although you need some unique functionalities to differentiate yourself from such competitors, it can be quite beneficial if you choose to follow a marketing approach that is similar to theirs or learn from their mistakes.

However, you should make it a point to consider those apps that have been operating in the market for quite a long time now, say five years.

The manner in which they carry out their app updates is also worth analyzing.

For example, let’s assume that you are analyzing the social media strategy of one of your competitors.

Your competitor has been adapting a strict text and graphic-based social media strategy, namely in the form of posts, infographics, etc.

However, you notice that the social media lead generation numbers of the app (number of app downloads, in this case) have constantly been falling. 

When it comes to designing your social media strategy, this can indicate that you need to include a much more intuitive form of social media content, namely videos, podcasts, etc.

This is because text and graphic-based content are not appealing to your target customer base.

(4) Leveraging Influencer Marketing

Online influencers or tech You tubers, to be precise, are currently the key opinion leaders in the field of app and technology.

Their biggest USP is the type of user base that follows them online.

For example, a tech YouTuber’s subscriber base would majorly include tech enthusiasts who are more than willing to know about and try a particular app/device that the influencer promotes.

Therefore striking a deal with a YouTuber or tech influencer can be a huge step towards building your customer base before your app launch.

Collaborating with influencers will make you accessible to the vast subscriber base that has a high potential of turning into prospective users for your app.

Secondly it’s not only the reach of your app that increases manifold in a very short duration, but there’s also a strong and positive perception that these influencers can instill in the minds of their subscribers about the authenticity and the genuineness of your app.


What app developers should realise that its just not the app idea that can make the app a long term success in the market.

The marketing strategy also plays a key role in knowing what exactly your audience wants and the most appropriate trajectories through which you can serve them.

Other than this, a marketing strategy would also help you to develop an inclination of your customer base towards your forthcoming app. This can have a significant impact on your app’s initial download numbers.

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