Moving Apps that Can Help You Move Smoothly and Easily

by Josh Biggs in Business on 17th March 2021

Moving is a busy and stressful event of life that can be made easier by using the right techniques and proper tools. Technology is vast and it has made our lives easier. The world of technology is bursting with information and all we need to do is read and understood. In today’s times when everything is digital, you get plenty of alternatives for every task of your moving process

The experts recommend using the latest moving apps and planners that make moving easy and successful. You can find the best moving cost calculator at whereas, we have made a detailed list of apps to use for your reference in the latter part of this article.

Moving a house is a complicated task and needs a lot of planning but it has become a lot easier with many mobile applications that can help you in every step of your moving process. There are applications for every task of your moving process from finding a reputable and reliable moving company to effectively organizing and managing your time until your moving day. You can get apps providing week-by-week moving calendar and apps about detailed house inventory checklist.

Though there are many apps available that can tremendously help you in your moving, we have researched and compiled some home moving planner apps which are free to install and use. These apps will help you in every task of your moving adventure.

Following are the details related to the moving planner apps found and reviewed by us to save your precious time:


Unpakt is one of the best moving planner apps in the market and it is a complete online platform for planning and managing a move. You will be impressed by the user-friendly functionality of the app while it will help you in finding the right moving company and building your home inventory based on the details provided by you.

Unpakt provides a step-by-step guide and finds a verified mover to calculate your moving cost. It asks for details including current and destination cities, moving date, and size of your move. Then it asks you about the typical inventory list to choose from. It gives you the complete freedom to add and modify your inventory. It also asks the details related to the width, depth, and height of each item.

The final page of the app recommends the verified mover and the price of your move based on the moving date and inventory list added by you.

Google Keep 

Google Keep is another good app that is easy to use. The design of the app is very simple and clean that allows you to keep notes and lists. Google Keep is the best note and list-keeping app that stands out with its simple and astonished features. Along with ordinary notes, it also allows you to record voice notes to make your moving process easier. It even provides the feature of handwritten notes and photo notes. The app can turn notes into checkboxes that can further create checklists with tasks.

Google app also has some extra features including pinning a note to show its priority, setting up reminders, sharing notes with others, synching a note across various devices, archiving a note, and making a copy of a note. So, Google Keep is the perfect tool that keeps you organized during your move.

Move Advisor

Move advisor is an easy-to-use and elegant moving organization app. Move advisor has four distinctive tools that address all your moving preparations. Features like Moving Timeline, Home Inventory, and Movers around You provide enough help in planning a successful move.


Sortly helps you in organizing your stuff by creating a visual inventory. All you have to do is select a folder, for example, Move and then a sub-folder like Kitchen. Take pictures of all the stuff that you are planning to take with you. Sortly allows you to customize photos with resizable arrows and you can also include important notes to them.

Sortly provides you a moving checklist that starts 8 weeks before your moving date. The checklist helps you to stay organized. Sortly also creates custom labels and QR labels that can be read with an inbuilt barcode reader later.


As we all know that decluttering before a move is one of the most important tasks that speeds up your packing process and saves a lot of money too. It does not only save energy and time but also reduces the overall moving stress of the mover. Mobile app OfferUp is the perfect app that helps you in decluttering your house successfully.

It helps you list your items for sale. All you need to do is to enter your zip code or location and the app will help you in selling your goods by spreading the word in your neighbourhood and community. You simply take a photo of the item to be sold and upload it into the app and write a brief description of it.

Along with selling old stuff, you can also buy things for your new home on OfferUp at discount.

These apps are some of the must-haves when moving use the right technology and make your next house move more organized and enjoy the experience.

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