Moving to a new state, how to prepare for the change?

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 31st July 2021

Moving to a new state? We know what you must be going through! As exciting as it sounds, moving can be equally challenging especially when you decide to move to a whole new different place. Leaving your home-sweet-home, the place where you spent the major time of your life to a whole new state can be overwhelming but don’t worry, you’ll adjust to the change eventually!  Preparing for a fresh start requires a lot of planning and effort. If you are confused and stressed about it, don’t worry we got you! We have prepared a list of a few points as explained by the best state to state movers for you to keep in mind before moving:

Pack strategically: 

Packing strategically is the first and the foremost step before moving. You need to decide what to pack and what not to pack beforehand. Deciding whether you will be taking the old stuff or buying new things for the house is also important. It is best to create a list of things you will need in your new home. If you are on a tight budget, try to pack essentials only. Donate or sell anything unwanted. 

Prepare a budget plan: 

Preparing the budget for your move is yet another important point as this may become a topic of stress. Create a list of all the expenses like transportation cost, packing cost, miscellaneous expenses in advance so that you don’t panic at the last minute. By doing this, you can save a whole lot of money! Moving on a tight budget will be an easy game for you if you plan everything ahead of time!

Research movers company: 

Finding a good movers company like Zipmover is an essential part of moving especially when you are moving to a new state as doing everything by yourself might cause complications in your move. Moving in the same state can be comparatively easy but interstate moving may be difficult so choosing the right movers company can ensure a smooth and easy move. You can ask for quotations and guidance from these companies as they know the complexity of interstate move.

Contact utility providers: 

The most important step after your move is to ensure that you have proper electricity connection, Television and internet connection, water and sewage system, disposal of garbage, gas, etc., so make sure you contact the utility companies in time as every company takes a few days for installation of these services. These are the things you will need in your daily life so ensure you have proper access to it!

Update your driver’s license, insurance and registration: 

As you move to a new state, it is important for you to update your driving license as per the concerned state’s rules. Another important thing is to update the vehicle’s registration. After changing the driver’s license, the next thing is to deal with the vehicle’s insurance. Ensure you have everything you need to have your auto insurance.

Make sure your new house is safe and secured: 

After settling down, the first thing you should do is to change the locks and the security system. Smart security systems are available nowadays which can operate easily through phones. Also, make sure to change the locks of the entire house as someone might have the spare keys to the old ones. This will keep you secured at all times. 

Register to vote: 

As important as it is to get your driver’s license updated, getting your voter registration updated is also important. There are multiple ways of registering out of which you can choose one. You will need an identification proof for the registration process as it will show that you are a resident of the new state!

Search for schools or colleges: 

If you are a student and you are moving to another state for your studies, make sure to look for schools and colleges beforehand.

Learn the local language: 

This step can be a life savior! If you are moving to a place where people speak different languages than your native language, you need to learn the basics of it. It will make your day to day life so much easier!

Let people know about your move: 

You are moving to a whole new state and you might need some help. So, let the neighbors know about your move. Introduce yourself and get to know them as they can help you better with your daily activities.


Now that you have checked all the boxes, you are all set to move to a new state without any hassle. Moving to a new state can be hectic but make sure to enjoy every moment of it as it is one of a kind experience. Every new journey has its own ups and downs but you will soon be starting your new life with new people and friends, so make the most out of it!

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