Music Streaming On The Go: Top 12 Spotify Facts

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 27th August 2020

In recent years, Spotify had become an undefeated platform in the large music streaming industry. Made from Sweden, the company for media service has connected the enormous gap of buying premium tracks online and listening to your favorite tunes. The company has improved the way people across the globe in listening to music.

The music streaming company launched its ‘lite version’ to bring its presence towards countries that are still developing. With that being said, let’s dive straight into the top 12 Spotify facts of your favorite on the go music streaming platform.

Three Ways To Have An Account

When trying to create an account in Spotify, there are three ways to do so. The first one is by using your email address to create an account on the sign-up page. The second is that the user can also sign up with their existing apple account. And the last method for users to have an account in Spotify.

Operating Around 79 Countries

Spotify is operational around 79 countries with plans to join even more regions from Austria, Canada, Japan, Australia, and Egypt. It specifically shows that the music-sharing platform is targeted at having it available in all areas of the world.

Do More With Spotify Premium

Although the music streaming service is free, users only have limited actions, such as being unable to play the music again or going back to the previous track. Also, every time the music finishes playing, there will be a commercial. With Spotify premium, users can do whatever they want with the app as it obliterates all restrictions.

Half Of The Total Users Use Smartphones

Spotify is used on multiple platforms to access the music streaming service. Yet the two platforms where Spotify is getting more love are still smartphones and tablets. About 52% of Spotify customers use their Smartphone devices, while 10% use their tablets.

It’s Not Limited To Famous Artists

To submit a recording to Spotify, an artist must first give it to Ditto. Dittomusic is an internet service that distributes music from various musicians. The platform manages Spotify’s distribution for acceptance or rejection after the album has been submitted.

Over 50 Million Tracks and 3 Billion Playlist

According to recent figures for Spotify, the platform has produced over 50 million tracks and 3B playlists that can be used based on different variables, such as subject, mood, age, and gender. Such albums, from both the new and the traditional ones, have proven to be a concern not just for many music service companies on-demand, but also for radio.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

The Spotify app supports multiple platforms, especially all major devices such as desktops, laptops, and smartphones. The music streaming service can also be downloaded from any Windows platforms, Mac OS, and iOS and Android users in general.

Users Can Add Songs That Are Not From Spotify

As Spotify doesn’t allow its users to import their own tracks in their servers directly, users from desktop devices have the next biggest thing. Music files found on your local music library can be accessed automatically with the desktop application of Spotify. The files can be located under the local files tab.

A Free Month For Students

The applicant must be a student currently enrolled in an approved university to be eligible for the program. To be considered for this free trial, applicants must already be over 18. Furthermore, those who have already paid for a premium account can not use this bid. 

Filtering Explicit Content

When necessary, Spotify will filter tracks for you if you want clean versions of those songs. Allow the “hide graphic content” feature of your profile to avoid graphic tracks from playing. This setup informs the program to miss explicitly marked tracks and to select seamless track options for you.

It Also Comes With A Family Package

For no more than six profiles, the Spotify Premium family bundle may be accessed with the same username. Every member of the family gets an account and can create a music collection and playlist on their own. All accounts can also benefit from the same premium features, including unrestricted skips and offline listening.

Syncing Accounts To Multiple Devices

Both music and playlists of a user are synced with the app as long as the user is signed into their account. Up to three devices will be used by paid users to sync over 3,000 offline tracks. Nevertheless, for each account, only one device will play music.


Spotify is currently the biggest music streaming service in the world. Users can arrange Spotify playlists into folders. It can be used with a VPN to unlock music that’s region-locked. There are also your favorite audiobooks available on the platform. Spotify’s slogan is ‘Music For Everyone,’ and they held their end of the bargain.

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