New Professions and Businesses to Consider Starting

by Josh Biggs in Business on 13th September 2019

Are you in the job, career or business you dreamed of as a child? Perhaps some of us are, but most of us are probably in career fields and businesses we didn’t even know would exist when we grew up. How cool is that? For the bold risk takers that create the job they wanted instead of working for someone else, this is all the more true. With each idea to solve a problem in the world, comes a need of people doing work of many variables to support making that a reality. Whether it’s solving world hunger and thirst, or giving people a place to relax and enjoy music, or something more technical, like consulting for businesses, these all exist to solve problems. Let’s take a quick look at some professions to consider if you’re thinking about switching careers or starting your own business like coding for kids or more:

  1. Auto-technician. While this may not be new at all, it’s in fact an older profession, the techniques now needed by comparison to a couple of decades ago, during the childhood of many now in the working world, are vastly different than they were for previous generations. Being an auto-mechanic is now far more involved in the world of programming and electrician work than turning wrenches like in the days of old. There are vast networks of technology in cars, and it increases with each new year model, so learning how this works, as well as learning brand specific nuances can be very lucrative. Finding a trusted mechanic and technician is something many never experience in life, and blindly trusting someone with an expensive piece of safety machinery for you and your family is usually left with the dealership’s experts on hand, no matter how costly. Starting an auto repair business of your own might be just what drives your passion to help others solve a common need in the world. 
  2. Consultants. If you have a set of expertise, passion and experience in a given subject area, you’re well on your way to being a successful consultant. With a blend of know-how, and setting up your business to work with clients. Some areas might require special licenses and credentials, which is worth research into your local regulatory entity to find out what is required. From financial and health consultants for personal needs, as well as more niche and business specific consultants like HIPAA consultants, HITRUST consultants, IT consultants, marketing consultants, customs consultants, legal consultants, HR consultants, and the list goes on and on. Some of these might be familiar to you, while others might not be. For example, HITRUST vs HIPAA consultants work with medical practices, hospitals and others in the medical industries to ensure proper procedures, policies and processes are in place to comply with HIPAA requirements. 
  3. Writers. Again, while this isn’t necessarily a new profession, it’s as old as human communication, it’s changed and expanded quite rapidly with the expansion of the Internet, and will continue to do so. The new platforms people can leverage to write and get their work seen have been put out in mass quantities. With the right skills and the attitude of being updated with the latest trends, you can easily look for writing jobs on job portal sites as there are a lot of companies looking for potential writers to be part of their team. The possibilities to publish written works used to be limited to getting a book published, then expanded into magazines and newspapers, and now have expanded into the possibility of millions of websites, including your own, as well as those owned by other individuals and other organizations. Networking and sharing articles helps everyone drive traffic, which in turn drives business. Selling books is no longer the only way to make money as a writer. Professional copywriters, social media consultants and writers, blog writers, journalists and so many more options are available to everyone that has a good idea or information to share.

Are there any new professions you have considered? Consulting is often lucrative once you break into your niche and market, especially if you have credentials and experience to expand upon, and build out a team of consultants to help you build and expand your business. Writing is perhaps an easier one to start, though takes a bit to establish yourself, your message and style, and your professional reputation. In its most basic definition, it’s typing words onto an application on a screen. Though, identifying what needs to be written that hasn’t been done yet, and getting it in front of readers that can generate a monetary output, either directly or indirectly, are the biggest challenges for most writers. What can you start into?

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